IMPAQT Project, funded under EU H2020, launches training on intelligent management tools for Aquaculture systems

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During May 2021, IMPAQT will launch a training in on-line MOOC format

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Ireland, United Kingdom May 27, 2021 ( – During May 2021, IMPAQT will launch a training in on-line MOOC format with a complete content organized in 3 modules that covers topics such as IMTA practices and challenges,  including sustainability assessment, fish and seafood quality and safety, policies that influence EU aquaculture, and the IMPAQT platform. The MOOC will be available from May 5th on the OpenLearnCreate platform of The Open University, and all the information about this course can be found on the project website.

Funded under the European H2020 program and coordinated by the Marine Institute (Ireland), IMPAQT (Intelligent Management System for Multi-Trophic Aquaculture) brings together 21 multi-disciplinary partners from 12 countries, aimed at promoting and supporting the eco-intensification of aquaculture production systems.

This training will make accessible much of the project outputs in an understandable and dynamic online format and is aimed at aquaculture producers, operators and end-users, trainers for those working with end-users and intermediaries, regulators and policymakers, and national and pan-national aquaculture development organisations.

The project team is also actively participating in European aquaculture events, such as Aquaculture Europe 2020 (12-15 April 2021), where IMPAQT results have been presented through webinars, oral presentations, posters, and an open-to-public stand on the e-Market. Besides, IMPAQT is actively working with other EU H2020 projects in the field of the blue economy and aquaculture to establish synergies and amplify the scope of their outcomes.

At the same time, the partners are working out policy documents to propose the inclusion of IMPAQT findings and their added value in order to upgrade the European regulation, standardization, and policy, aligned with the achievement of more sustainable aquaculture.

A handbook comprising all the key developments and related processes of the IMPAQT project will be released in the coming months.

An Intelligent Management System for IMTA: a sustainable future for aquaculture

IMTA is a fresh concept where multiple species, from different levels on the food chain (fish, seaweed, shellfish, etc.) are formed on the same site in an integrated and complementary way. The natural ability of these species to recycle the nutrients (or wastes) that are present in and around fish farms can help growers improve the environmental performance of their sites and provide extra economic benefits.

The high-level ambition of IMPAQT is to drive a paradigm shift in the EU aquaculture, from traditional production systems (monoculture) to Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA) production system

Applying ecosystem services and circular economy principles, the partners developed novel cost-efficient technologies for IMTA monitoring and management, and advanced models to implement the optimal configuration for integrated aquaculture systems. In addition, the industry efficiency is boosted with an Intelligent Management System (IMS) that integrates data gathered from multiple sources to provide real-time operation feedback.

These technologies are being tested and validated on 6 pilot sites in Ireland, Turkey, The Netherlands, Scotland, and China. At this stage, the project team is seeking to fine-tune the IMS and to complete the analysis of the efficiency, sustainability, and circularity of the system production.

More details can be found in different innovation factsheets, videos, and reports in the IMPAQT Knowledge Center.

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