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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Indianapolis, Indiana May 23, 2021 ( – Independent label, G.I. Records LLC join forces with SS Global Entertainment, LLC own and operated by Tiffany Gaines, a move by the owner and operator Andrew “Drew” Knibbs that will solidify the label’s brand and open some major doors for the label and any new indie artists that the label will sign and add to their current growing roster.

This global sub-label deal will make it possible for any new music releases to be distributed via SSMG the distribution hub that will upload qualified tracks to LRT ENT/ Ingrooves/Universal Music Group Distribution 600 plus digital stores, the largest distribution coverage, covering all over the globe.

Now, here is a little story about this indie label, called, G.I. Records LLC.

G.I. Records LLC had its roots back in 1999-2000 when Andrew “Drew” Knibbs met Stacy “E-Dogg” Ellison, a songwriter and music producer, in their hometown of Anderson, Indiana while working at one of the General Motors subsidiary plants, Guide Lamp (Guide Corp).  The two met up earlier in the streets of Anderson, Indiana but eventually became close, like brothers when they both realized that they got something in common, a passion for music. Stacy “E-Dogg” Ellison was the sound guy, the beat producer, who, armed with a mic and a keyboard along with a Bass Board and drum machine he could create anything he focuses his mind on. Then, came Andrew “Drew” Knibbs, another songwriter, composer, and talent scout, he would search for new, passionate raw talent in the local area and bring them to Stacy “E-Dogg” Ellison, Stacy in turn would lay the tracks and the artists would hop in the make-up recording booth, it was just a garage then, nothing more. At that time, Andrew “Drew” Knibbs came up with the name RruffNekkTalent since most of the talents had no prior knowledge about music, were roughnecks, but had insane passionate talent in all aspects to make a record. Once both gentlemen saw how much interest was shown by the local young men and women in the neighborhood, they both decided that it was time to take it up a notch, and came up with a label name, and so, G.I. Records LLC was created.

While both men were still employed at the automotive parts plant, Andrew “Drew” Knibbs met a beautiful and charming young lady, Crystal, who was one of the siblings of Stacy “E-Dogg” Ellison, they got married and the bond between both men became even stronger, as well as their love and passion for making music, signing artists to the new label. One day, tragedy hit home, and Stacy “E-Dogg” Ellison became ill and pass away. Andrew “Drew” Knibbs became the only owner of a legacy that must continue to grow, mature, and give birth to amazing talents, who will achieve greatness and wealth in the performing arts. Andrew “Drew” Knibbs decided to take up the torch, and with the help and support of the first lady of G.I. Records LLC, Mrs. Crystal “Ka’Torie” Knibbs by his side, it was a done deal.

This global sub-label deal with SSMG is history in the making because now, G.I. Records LLC is now a part of something major.

 G.I. stands for: Gary Indiana, God Inspired, Great Inspirations, we will let you the fans decide.


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