Israel And Gaza Trade Fire As Biden Calls For De-Escalation

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Image Credit – TOI


Joe Biden, the US President has called for a significant de-escalation in the conflict that is going on between Israel and the armed groups of Gaza on Thursday ahead of the diplomatic push to stem the violence as both sides have traded more fire.

The fighter jets from Israel has hit the residences of at least six leaders from Hamas and the news came via an army statement that has said that the military infrastructure has been stored at each site.

On early Thursday, air raid sirens were sounded again in Southern Israel and Islamic Jihad, the second most powerful group in Gaza has claimed credit for the fresh volley of rockets.

Washington has given out a strong call and the persistent unrest came after that. It is meant to ease the hostilities that have erupted on 10th May.

The White House has said these after a fourth phone call in more than a week as the US President has conveyed to Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel that he expects a significant de-escalation today and they are on the path to a ceasefire.

A top diplomat from Germany was due for talks in Israel on Thursday in the latest effort that has been made to broker a ceasefire.

In over 10 days in the conflict, 227 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli airstrikes according to the Health Ministry of Gaza while the rocket fire by Palestine has claimed 12 lives in Israel according to information provided by Israeli police.

According to a military official of Israel, who has spoken on the condition of anonymity has said that Israel has been assessing at what stage it is going to stop the military campaign.

A source has said that they are looking for the correct moment for the ceasefire.

Earlier, a tough threat was issued by Netanyahu against Hamas who according to Israel is responsible for the estimated 4,000 rockets that have been fired at the Jewish state since 10th May.

Netanyahu addressed the foreign ambassadors and said that one of the possibilities is to conquer them and the other option is to deter them. Right now, the Israeli Prime minister has said that they are engaged in forceful deterrence.

But the Israeli Prime Minister also said that they are not ruling out any possibilities at this moment.

The hawkish Prime Minister also said later on that he is pretty much determined to continue the operation until the objective is achieved and it is done to restore security and quiet for Israelis.

Ismail Haniyeh, the Hamas Chief has said that the group is continuing to run Gaza from 2007 and it is going to continue the resistance longer than the occupation estimates.

Among those people who are killed on Wednesday because of Israeli bombardment in Gaza were a disabled man, his three-year-old child, and also his pregnant wife and it is said by the health ministry in the enclave.