Gaza Offensive Is Stepped Up By Israel And Senior Hamas Figure Is Killed

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Image Credit – Times Of India


On Wednesday, Israel has pressed ahead with a fierce offensive of military forces in the disputed Gaza strip. They have reportedly killed almost 10 military figures belonging to Hamas. They have also toppled a couple of high-rise housing towers that are house to Hamas facilities as they carried on series of airstrikes. No signs were showed by the Islamic militant group to back down as they fired 100 rockets in most of the Israeli cities.

In about three days, the latest round of fights that have continued between the two arch-rivals has already started to resemble and also crossed the devastating war that took place 50 days back in 2014. Neither side has appeared to have got an exit strategy as it was there in the previous war.

But there are still some key differences. The worst Jewish-Arab violence has been triggered with the fighting in Israel and this has happened in decades. An international investigation on war crimes has been looming large in the background.

An intense barrage of airstrikes has been carried out by Israel just after the sunrise as dozens of targets are stuck in a few minutes and it has caused a bone-crunching explosion across the Gaza strip. Throughout the day, airstrikes have continued and it has filled the sky with pillars of smoke.

A ghost town resembled the streets of the Gaza city at nightfall as people huddled indoors as they were on the last night of Ramadan. The evening that follows is a holiday for Eid al-Fitr and it is a great time for a vibrant nightlife where people go shopping and the restaurants are crowded.

According to a pharmacist, there are no places to run and hide in a shelter. He has fled with several other relatives in a family home in Gaza as bombs have been pounded in his apartment building in Gaza City. He added that the terror is indescribable.

Israel has been continuously bombarded by Gaza militants as throughout the day there has been nonstop rocket firing and it continued till early Thursday. Life has been brought to a standstill by the attacks near Gaza in the Southern communities. It has also reached as far as the northern area of Tel Aviv which is located about 70 kilometers to the north and it has happened for a second straight day.

According to the military, sirens have wailed in the Migdal Ha’Emek area in northern Israel and it is the farthest place the effects of rockets from Gaza have reached since 2014.

A person residing in the central town of Beer Yaakov has said that it is very difficult to run to the shelter with kids.

The Health Ministry of Gaza has said that the death toll has risen to 67 Palestinians that includes five women and 16 children. The militant organization has also confirmed the death of seven militants and a top-Commander of Hamas was also killed.