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‘Most Important decision of your life is not easy, Take a decision and make it big!’ – He says.

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Dhaka, Bangladesh May 18, 2021 ( – Mahabubur Rahaman (born 1st June 1992) known as Mahabubur Rahaman or Cyber Mahabub is a Bangladeshi ICT Entrepreneur & Professional, Internet Entrepreneur through e-Commerce and f-Commerce, e-Commerce Consultant, T-shirt Brand Consultant, Digital Marketing Consultant, Lyricist, Musician, Ideapreneur, Volunteer, Contributor at Cyber Mahabub Tech in Asia and Medium and also he is a professional Graphics Designer. He was the founder of T-ZONE Bangladesh since 2012, In 2017 he was a Founder President of FSR Trust, and also in 2018, he founded Cyndicate Communication.

He started his journey as a songwriter in his school life, back in 2005. He worked with Fuad, Raihan Firoz, and many more artists from Bangladesh. Recently he is planning some more projects with Cyndicate Communication.

He started his eCommerce T-shirt business in 2012. Through T-ZONE, he was widely recognized as a charismatic pioneer of the Bangladeshi online t-shirt industry and for my influential career in the IT and RMG fields, He is trying to bridging between RMG with IT. He started his career as a t-shirt designer also worked as a freelance t-shirt designer with some well-known international brands. He worked on a project for The Associated Press (AP), Chicago Sun-Times (CST) & United Press International (UPI) and worked with them for at least 6 months. He asked a few companies to print some of his designs. But they directly ignored it. He felt ignorant. Then he gathered a lot of information over Bangladeshi Online T-shirt Market. And 21st May of 2012, he planned to launch T-ZONE and on 1st June of 2012, he launched it officially. In the meantime, he was invited from Startup Asia at Singapore and RISE Conference in Hong Kong. T-ZONE also got an offer to participate as an exhibitor at EMMY Awards and VMA in the year 2015. He also received multiple rewards in Bangladesh and appreciations in local newspapers and televisions.

In 2014 when the eCommerce Association of Bangladesh (eCab) was established, he was nominated and appointed for the Standing Committee Chairman post for the Affiliate Marketing department. In the meantime, nowadays he is popular for his Facebook notes, blogs, and slides about T-shirt Business and about its market. He also wrote an article in Bengali about, “How to start a T-shirt business online?” and also made a slide in English. He organized and hosted several events on the eCommerce and eCommerce business. ‘e/f-Commerce Meetup’ is one of them. Besides this, he was part of Startupbashbd, Startup Weekend Dhaka, Sparkupbd Chittagong. Also, he wrote some entrepreneurial stories which have been published in Manager Mint and Tech in Asia.

In 2015 he left eCab and the title, then joined Justice for Women Bangladesh – JFWBD. And he started working against Cybercrime Volunteerily. Soon after his starting, he becomes a reliable person and he started helping people around his country Bangladesh. His name was Mahabub but people started calling him “Cyber Mahabub”. And in 2018 something bad happened to him and for this reason, he left his volunteer career as Cyber Security & Crime Analyst.

Nowadays he is focusing on his agency Cyndicate Communication, which is 360 Degree service provider of all the services needed for a business. Digital Content Protection, Branding, Promoting, Endorsing, Marketing, Content Creating, Song or Music Production, Mixing and Mastering Solution, Photography, Videography, Radio and TV ads, and many more services right now available at Cyndicate Communication.

He worked on a Radio Program since 2016. He was the Host of ‘Voice of Justice’ at Colours FM 101.6FM, a popular radio station in Bangladesh. He worked there for 4 Seasons and in 2020 he left the show. In that show, he was an expert speaker about general legal problems. He used to give live solutions to legal problems or involve or introduce advocates if necessary.

He believes, “Together we all can make a better Bangladesh” and also, “Change we need, Yes we can”.For me, “Decision Makes a man big, not family not wealth. Do not take a Big decision. Take a decision and make it big. Don’t be dependent be like an Independent”. According to him, “I am not at all Intelligent but I am finding intelligence. I know how to move in the career. There is a lot of stairs and paths in my career. I can say that proudly. Whatever I do, I do passionately.”

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