ideXlab integrates the Blockchain technology in its Open Innovation Platform

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Paris, France May 18, 2021 ( – ideXlab a unique SaaS-based Innovation platform that combines open and collaborative innovation with intellectual property protection, using blockchain technologies.

IdeXlab brings a unique solution to the market combining open and collaborative innovation with intellectual property protection. 

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To ensure Open Innovation platforms contribute to the competitiveness of companies without the risk of squandering intellectual property, from now on, users of the ideXlab platform will be able to transparently protect their work and their interactions on the platform. This type of platform is a natural application of blockchain technology and ideXlab is proud to offer this game-changing functionality to its users.

The automatic gathering of evidence, results, or exchanges between users on the Blockchain guarantees the integrity of the data produced and exchanged, their traceability, and their auditability. 

Jean-Louis Liévin, ideXlab’s CEO, underlines: “This breakthrough reinforces the trust that companies, engineers, and experts have when working together through a platform that allows them to collaborate more easily on projects. The natural integration between innovation platforms and blockchain technology is an important milestone for increasingly open, collaborative and online projects.”

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About ideXlab: ideXlab offers a unique SaaS-based Innovation platform that enables companies to find and interact with more than 14 million cutting-edge experts around the world. Adopted by major corporations in sectors as diverse as energy, telecommunications, healthcare, and consumer goods, the ideXlab platform is based on unique algorithms of real-time data mining, an integrated workflow, and an easy-to-use web interface.

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