Freedom Comes Up As the Main Topic In the Song Of Janeff the Poet

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Atlanta, Georgia May 18, 2021 ( – Janeff the Poet has always been experimental when it came to his creations. His works have touched the heart of listeners. The new wave singers have been entering into the new areas of creations, areas where they have never been before. At the same time, they have made the music lovers travel to that unknown with them. It is there the use of the best lyrics and tunes match, offering a serene feeling of wide magnitude.


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Janeff the Poet’s latest single “Call It Freedom” creates that effect. It is that classic song offering perfection and relevance in the modern world like no other. It has the ideas of justice, empowerment at its very core, presented with certain details in artistry. The song has the same vibes as We are the World or A change is gonna come or What’s Going On. The music is supported with the synch base and the staccato drumbeat. The lyrics that Janeff has written perfectly go in a flow with the music. As a result, a perfect feel of commentary and rhythm comes up. This is a purposeful party and there is a serious message in it. For calling peace this is the best song that one has listened to in ages. The singer has been passionate about his music and the kind of creativity he has in store. Surely his works have been more than perfect in this case. It has a universality that everyone opts for. This is the perfection that every person finds in the essential parts of their lives.


About Janeff The Poet:

He is a songwriter, poet, and singer who has come up a long way with his creativity and has come up with his song. He has been a flag-bearer of peace and in the process of incorporating that sense in his songs, he is a simple master.


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Janeff the PoetJaneff the Poet

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