LET THERE BE DARKNESS engrosses their fans with the heavy feeling of grievance and despair in their new songs


The exotic Los Angeles-based music band LET THERE BE DARKNESS carries on to surprise their fans with more vengeance and nerve-wracking tunes of metal and rock.

The upcoming goth band LET THERE BE DARKNESS brings on the essence of doomsday in their new songs. The energetic Los Angeles-based music band has grown a different taste in music. Instead of reminding them to follow the light behind the darkness, they aspire to embrace the cold and goopy flavors of somberness. They worship despair and hopelessness because people have succumbed to its core. Charles Richburg, the vocalist, introduces a unique orientation deep bass and high-voltage performance. He molds the band’s new song Endless Rain with exciting genres such as dark metal and goth rock. The band wants to show the devastating side of the world through their eclectic verses.

Darkness 03

LET THERE BE DARKNESS has set a strong footing in the music industry with its eccentric musicality. They have prepared a masterpiece titled ‘Myself Decay’ for their legit fans of dark music. The African American singer and lyricist Charles Richburg has the potential to sabotage the business in society with his unique vocalization. He was deprived of many opportunities but that never stopped him from practicing music. The band follows dehumanization, despair, and dark rhythms of post-rock music evolution. Death is constant and there’s no way to escape that. He wants to accept the truth and fill his heart with desperate urges to enjoy despondency. Follow the new band on their website, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, Spotify, and Youtube.

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