Consulting Duo Pivots To Position ASHELORE For Post Pandemic Success

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Jake Crocker and Charles Collie of ASHELORE LLC

(Spin Digit Editorial):- Richmond, Virginia May 12, 2021 ( – ASHELORE, LLC officially launched in the Fall of 2020 to assist companies that need to look in the mirror, find their foundation, and see where their brand and culture stands (and could stand) in a landscape changed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Great brands rely on strong foundations built on their core values that connect with their employees and customers to thrive and succeed,” said Jake Crocker, Partner and Brand Guide for ASHELORE “We’re coming out of a pandemic that has fundamentally changed the way people live, work and see the world. Companies and organizations that don’t adapt their brands to stay relevant won’t succeed in the post COVID economy,” continued Crocker

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The duo is made up of longtime friends and collaborators, Jake Crocker and Charles Collie, who began working together years ago at Martin Branding Worldwide. Crocker, a longtime brand strategist and successful entrepreneur is the company’s Brand Guide, tasked to help brands define and refine their messaging and voice to consumers. Collie, with over two decades of organizational consulting experience, is ASHELORE’s Culture Guide focused on aligning and refining brands internally around the core values they are built on. Crocker and Collie work together using ASHELORE’s proprietary DEFINE, ALIGN, REFINE methodology to move organizations forward. 

“An organization that doesn’t understand itself can not fully tap into the passion and creativity of its staff,” said Charles Collie, Culture Guide for ASHELORE. He continued, “A company’s culture is a crucial component of successfully competing in the marketplace. How people work together was altered during COVID so a strong focus on maintaining and strengthening culture is critical to thriving in the new normal we’re moving into.” 

Anticipating our world would reemerge from COVID and that their combined skill sets would be in demand, the duo began forming ASHELORE in the Summer of 2020 as the impact of the global pandemic was at its peak. The company did a soft roll out in October and after weathering a winter COVID surge, the company is now seeing the pent-up demand for its unique services and is well-positioned to help brands and cultures succeed as we grow stronger from the scars of COVID.

ASHELORE works with business leaders to discover the rough foundational stones of their brand story that is needed to build an unshakeable culture, marketing, and public awareness that connects beyond the sale.

Relevance is the goal. Resilience is the way.

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