Indian Crew Is Going To Face Legal Charges As The Blockage At The Suez Canal Ends

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Image Credit – Times Of India


The Suez Canal had been blocked since23rd March as the container ship that has blocked it has been wrenched free by tug boats from the sandy bank on Monday. But the next big concern for the crew that has arisen is how they are going to be treated by the Suez Canal Authority.

Both the seafarer’s organization and the Indian government are very much concerned about the legal issues that are going to be faced by the crew. It is also going to include the possibility of criminal charges.

According to different sources in the shipping industry, there is a possibility that the captain and some other crew members are going to be restrained from traveling further.

They are possibly going to be placed under house arrest until the investigation is completed regarding the cause of the accident. However, the ship management has still not explained anything about the legal procedures that the crew will have to go through.

A senior person associated with the shipping industry has said that these are ominous signs that the crew is going to be made the scapegoats.

A member of the National Shipping Board (NSB), Captain Sanjay Prashar has said that first of all, it has to be ascertained that how the giant ship did ran aground. Facts are checked by listening and examining the conversation in the ship voyage data recorder and one has come to an understanding that what has caused the mishap.

Every day, about 10% of all the global trades flow through the Suez Canal. Every day, goods worth up to $ 9.6 billion pass through the canal. About 25% of traffic is on container ships. Every day more than 50 ships traverse the canal.

Everyone wants to know about this very important canal the construction of which started way back in 1859. The canal was built 10 years. About 1.5 million workers were involved in the construction. The depth of the canal is 8 meters and the length of the canal is 193.50 km.

The canal was under the control of the British up until 1956. The canal is now kept under the control of the Egyptian government.

‘Ever Given’ has been stuck in the Suez Canal since March 23 that has lead to a massive traffic jam. This has resulted in over 350 vessels that have been carrying everything from furniture, crude oil, clothes, and cattle that got stranded on both sides.

The names are still not revealed by the Bernhard Schulte Ship Management (BSSM) of the 25 Indian seafarers. They have also said that all the 25 crew members are accounted for and they are safe and are in good health. They have been working closely with all the parties that are involved in refloating the vessel. The tireless professionalism and the immense hard work of the crew and the master have been greatly appreciated by one and all.