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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Los Angeles, California May 6, 2021 ( – DKEY Bank is decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that aims to offer a whole new user experience in crypto financing. Furthermore, recognizing traditional assets through tokenization to improve accessibility to a broader user base. The platform focuses on reducing complexity and delivering a more user-friendly approach in crypto-financial services. This gives the new users confidence in entering the crypto world and improving convenience to experienced users.

DKEY Bank created a token “DKEY” with Binance Smart Chain (Smart Contract) that runs parallel with Binance Chain that optimized to deliver low-cost ultra-fast transaction. The DKEY (Token) will be used as a settlement unit in DKEY Bank’s Ecosystem for greater compatibility with other assets.

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Launching DKEY Bank App (Beta)

DKEY Bank platform application is set to launch at the beginning of June 2021 with Beta Access to users that pledged DKEY (Token) during the Private Sales period. The Beta Version of DKEY Bank will roll out 2 vault features, which are Swap Vault and Staking Vault. For context, Swap Vault allows seamless conversion of DKEY Token with other cryptocurrencies, and Staking Vault allows users to received rewards for participating in maintaining the blockchain network.

Private Sales Details

The purpose of Private Sales is to build a core community and test out DKEY Bank App (Beta) function.

DKEY Bank is set to distribute a limited amount of 20,000,000 DKEY (Token) through a Private Sales Round. Each round will consist of 1,000,000 DKEY (Token), the price per DKEY will increase after each round is completed. There are a total of 20 rounds of Private Sales until all 20,000,000 DKEY is sold out.

Referral Program for Community

DKEY Bank will also launch a referral program feature together with the Beta Release of the DKEY Bank App. Each user is able to receive extra DKEY (Token) by referring DKEY Bank to their peers. DKEY Bank is planned to release other bounty programs to award users in the near future. All users will have this feature available on launch day.

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