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ReputationUP confirms in its report on World-Check, that financial crime affects 47% of businesses, causing total losses of $1.45 billion

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Miami, Florida May 4, 2021 ( – ReputationUP confirms in its report on World-Check, that financial crime affects 47% of businesses, causing total losses of $1.45 billion

World-Check is a digital database also used by banks around the world as a risk intelligence tool.

The objective is to assess the financial reputation of a company or individual.

ReputationUP can immediately check if your name is on the World-Check list.

How does World-Check work?

The system collects data and information on potential financial risks, from sources deemed reliable, on entities and individuals.

It then classifies natural and legal entities into categories according to the corresponding crime and risk.

Due Diligence

Due Diligence refers to the process of researching and analyzing data and information on any financial or economic transaction

Using World-Check minimizes potential financial risk or loss of money.

Is it possible to delete your name from World-Check?

All the actions we do now leave a digital footprint.

You can delete yourself from the World-Check list by contacting an online reputation company, such as ReputationUP.

80% of the database profiles refer to old, obsolete, harmful news that contravenes the principle of the GDPR and its US equivalent“, says Andrea Baggio, CEO Europe of ReputationUP.

The company has a team of qualified experts who have in-depth knowledge of the Right to Be Forgotten, GDPR, and other fields.

“In principle, we propose alternative solutions to those strictly regulated by law, which have a technical component linked to the company’s code of ethics”, stresses Juan Ricardo Palacio, CEO Americas of ReputationUP.

In the age of media exposure, it has become essential to properly manage and protect digital identity for both individuals and businesses.

The financial media platform Worth mentioned in a recent article:

Today, financial service providers should thoroughly understand what reputation management is and how they are perceived online“.

Online reputation has become one of the most interesting and relevant areas to improve digital presence.


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