Generate “Fast-Path-to-Cash” for Your Business to Bounce Back From Covid- 19 Lock Downs

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Fast Path to Cash Method

Unique and Proven Strategies To Generate Fast Cash for Your Business

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Florida, United States May 3, 2021 ( – Announcing how David Preston, Founder, Legendary Consultants, and Eva Martinez, CPA, Founder, The MILE Group have joined forces to help business owners create fast cash so they can recover much faster from the impact the Covid-19 pandemic lock-downs have had on their businesses without waiting for help from the PPL loans from the government.

They go on to state that their proven method can help businesses generate fast cash in 7 to 14 business days with something they already have but not using, yet.

They realized that during this pandemic period when Covid-19 has impacted the economy of every country, they had to do what they could to help many more business owners who are on the brink of disaster as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns.

David Preston, the Legendary Consultant, has come out of semi-retirement and partnered with Eva Martinez, CPA, Founder of The MILE Group to help business owners bounce back from the financial impact the recent crisis has had on their business. It seems that most business owners are at the edge of disaster and trying hard to catch up. Therefore David and Eva -have come up with a unique strategy as well as a marketing method that can surely change your business fortune. 

They agree that in tough economic times most businesses start scaling back, or completely shut down. The owners know they have to do something, they just don’t know what to do. And they need real help, not hope or pie-in-the-sky solutions.

According to these two professionals, every business has assets hiding in plain sight but they hardly know how to leverage or capitalize them. Their 50 years of combined business and consulting experience has therefore helped them figure out how they can help more entrepreneurs generate fast cash with something they already own. This special marketing method, however, costs less than other marketing tactics you may be used in your business. Moreover, they state that it will help you generate a lot of sales and cash flow within 7 to 14 business days, guaranteed.

This unique method can be 100% outsourced so that you can get all the benefits without any of the headaches that setting it up and monitoring normally brings.  It will also provide significant long-term consistent revenues to your business for growth and expansion if necessary.

They have further commented that if you can increase customer retention by 5% using this method, then there’s a high chance a business can increase profits by up to 125%.

A recent survey by Target Marketing Media has confirmed that this retention method can deliver the strongest ROI if you know how to employ email, direct mail, webcasts/webinars, Social media engagement, SMS marketing, and outbound telemarketing. However, they will combine each of these methods and come up with much better results for the clients. According to them, every business is different, and recognizing that fact means that they will employ the best marketing techniques for that particular business at that time.

Because of their expertise business owners often think that they cannot afford to hire them. Well, this is where David Preston and Eva Martinez have simplified the matter by keeping their fees low enough so that any business owner can avail of the services. They also guarantee that this strategy will produce great results or they will continue running your campaign for free until you achieve at least 2X your investment. Yet they have specific criteria that businesses must meet in order to benefit from this strategy.

That is why they ask that you complete a 5-minute survey in order to find out if you qualify to work with them and to determine how much cash you could generate in 7 to 14 business days by using their unique strategy. If you do not meet their specific criteria, they will be happy to talk to you and determine how to best help you generate more sales and cash flow on an ongoing basis.

With an ironclad guarantee like they provide, it’s no wonder they have been able to help hundreds, even thousands of businesses through their combined services and longevity in their own businesses and consulting fields.

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