Join an infectious musical journey with Daniel Daraban’s latest techno single ‘Conundrum (Original Mix)’


Emerging Kharkiv techno musician Daniel Daraban is making his listeners engrossed in his latest track ‘Conundrum (Original Mix)’. It is an exquisite techno track.

Hailing from Ukraine, emerging music artist and DJ Daniel Daraban have come up with his latest musical representation ‘Conundrum (Original Mix)’ to offer the listeners. The artist has done an amazing job in crafting this track that doesn’t only show musical creativity but also potent enough to evoke the inner emotions of the listeners. Huge swathes of electronic music and techno outpourings are constructed in a way that feels quite intense and gentle simultaneously. The track is like a rollercoaster of emotions that goes up and down and keeps evolving through the loops. Bass-driven grooves, strong beats, and powerful pads help to make the single a finely tuned musical composition. It is an impeccable musical effort by the artist that is recommended for all kinds of listeners around the world.


Daniel is spreading his musical aura all over the world as a well seasoned Kharkiv techno musician. Previously, this artist has released many tracks that helped him garner attention from the listeners and fellow musicians as well. Some of the tracks like, ‘Glimmering’, ‘Augury’, ‘Hunch’, etc are the milestones of his rocket-fueled musical journey. Learning and gaining through each experience of life, the artist has gradually become more powerful while nurturing skills to optimum. He is a perfectionist and tastemaker of new-age techno music. The latest track ‘Conundrum (Original Mix)’ is a riddle-like complex composition that, a metaphoric representation of life that justifies the title and subject matter. Currently, he is looking forward to his next project which will be releasing soon. Follow Daniel Daraban DWRR on SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube to know more.

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