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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Vancouver, British Columbia Apr 26, 2021 ( – Michael Dallas-Petersen had just quit his job as a salesman at Kal Tire in Mackenzie, northern British Columbia when I first met him about a year ago. Michael has decades of expertise in brick-and-mortar customer care, recruiting, hiring, and scaling. However, as time passed, Michael became frustrated with the role’s limitations and began looking for something more substantial to sink his teeth into. Something challenging but also something that integrated more of a lifestyle, that would allow him to spend more quality time with his wife and two young boys.

Michael’s entrepreneurial journey was long and winding, with multiple failures and setbacks in the affiliate space. However what never stopped Michael was his personal drive and determination combined with his desire to study, and master the science of paying traffic as well as developing new systems and automated services. Michael has earned the title of “one of the big social media agency experts today” thanks to his smart use of these skills, according to Almost Entrepreneur digital magazine.

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Michael’s business, the Implant Patient Machine, recently scaled to a monthly revenue of $100,000. According to the London Daily Post, this new agency offers a creative digital approach that has “revolutionized the promotion and distribution of dental services.”

So I sat down with Michael and asked him how he got to this point, and more importantly, how he creates processes that produce tangible results for his clients. “I just rolled up my sleeves, dipped into my savings, and just tested stuff to see what kind of things will work on common, easily accessible platforms like Facebook for the first 2-3 years,” Michael explained. What AI technologies, such as automated business processes and virtual assistants, can be combined to provide real synergies and therefore outcomes for clients, for example.”

“The turning point for me was when I spent time and resources in a program to grasp the system’s basic principle and function a few years ago.” After much needling Michael wouldn’t tell me which software. “I can’t give away all my secrets can I?” she replied simply. “But to give you an example – if you have a business problem or problem with under-performing personnel I can build a solution because I think very analytically like a data scientist/engineer. So, once that light bulb goes off, I go down the rabbit hole and learn everything I can about existing apps like Zapier, Go High Level, Google spreadsheets, tracking, and other similar tools, in order to custom create an automated business system that will enable your company to thrive.”

Michael also seems to have embraced self-help and business guru Tony Robbins’s mantra, “There’s the business you’re in, and there’s the business you’re becoming.” You won’t need to pivot if you’re actively juggling those two companies. Since you’re still trying to come up with new ideas.” So it’s no wonder that Michael not only designs and builds automated business systems but he’s even started advising people about how to use them and get the most out of them, with the help of his expert team. As a result, Michael has become a “serial entrepreneur” in a short period of time, according to lbtimes.

Many people who know Michael claim that his brand is special. “The cool thing about my coaching and my agency,” Michael says, “is that I can have creative ideas that no one else can.” Automated onboarding, proposal sending, and a seemingly endless list of whizz big bangs for your buck systems and apps are just a few examples. Michael has creative ideas for working around the boring yet critical aspects of your company so you can concentrate on what you want to do to expand your business rather than what you have to do to keep the status quo.

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