‘Vaccinate With Love (Dedicated to Dr. Osterholm)’ by Peter Lake etches is the love dose you need this season


New York-based singer-songwriter Peter Lake demands attention by creating a sharply personal musical piece titled ‘Vaccinate With Love (Dedicated to Dr. Osterholm)’.

Incorporating his name amongst the essential new artists, singer Peter Lake is all set to make a major impact in 2021 and the New York-based singer-songwriter has already given a hint of the same with his latest melodic single. Blending his honest motive with intricate melodies of pop, the artist has curated a brand new song that holds very true to his heart and is sure to resonate with the audience globally. Taking on a rather unconventional subject directed towards the COVID-19 situation, his latest song ‘Vaccinate With Love (Dedicated to Dr. Osterholm)’ is a heartfelt narration of how his doctor, Dr. Osterholm has helped him during the time of crisis. With enough authenticity in his songwriting style, the singer has created a song of mass significance and focuses on the importance of love and kindness. Keeping in mind the importance of the coronavirus vaccine, the artist has positively sent out a positive message urging all to inject the powerful vaccine. But what anchors the song is the singer’s upbeat and engaging manner of delivery that makes the whole soundscape relatable and catchy.

Vaccinate With Love

Even though the song ‘Vaccinate With Love (Dedicated to Dr. Osterholm)’ is a groovy pop ballad but the intention behind the song remains well highlighted throughout. Amongst many other details, Peter Lake emphasizes the fact that love is the greatest vaccine of all times and we as humans must at all times be prepared to share love and positivity. Catering to the sentiment of the song, the singer has infused his brilliant vocabulary to resonate with the audience. His musical influence from the genres of pop, rock, indie, and house along with his impressive combining style wraps the song with layers of hook. Listen to the song on Spotify, Soundcloud, and YouTube, and follow him on Instagram for further updates.

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