Peter Lake Makes a New Groovy Pop Single ‘Bonfire Eyes’ With Addictive Hooks


Follow the disembodied vocal of the upcoming New York based singer-songwriter Peter Lake on the electrifying pop number ‘Bonfire Eyes’ crafted with steamy grooves.

These days, pop music is barely digestible. But, Peter Lake arrives in the promising music scene to change this opinion. 2021 is the year when a star like him is born. He is on the rise with his phenomenal debut number ‘Vaccinate With Love’ on Soundcloud. It was released with a good purpose, to show altruistic support to the frontline workers and the families who said goodbye to their loved ones due to the terrible Coronavirus pandemic. His generous act and pleasing passion for music have caught the eye of the general public of the nation. This was just the beginning of his music marathon. Now, he is back with another song about goofy love and he calls it Bonfire Eyes. It is the accumulation of crazy pop vibes and electronic beats that pound your heart.

Peter Lake
Peter Lake

Peter Lake loves to be mysterious and his music is full of experiments that people are following nowadays. His musical identity revolves around anonymity. He prefers to use his stage name to reach out to his fans and share his stories. The brand new song ‘Bonfire Eyes’ catches different drifts from the previous number. It’s more about the pink and purple vibes of first love and the superficial ideology. The prominent lyricism will set all the butterflies in your heart free to feel the lovable notions. Its light and shiny chords immerse you in a pool of emotions. His soft crooning along with sanitized synths provokes you to get high on its rhythms. Get new songs from the upcoming artist by following him on his official website, Soundcloud, Spotify, Youtube, and Instagram.

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