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Chicago, Apr 13, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – B2B Unleashed announces its launch as a full-service B2B management consultancy led by globally-recognized B2B expert Maureen Blandford to support B2Bs busting out of legacy structures.

B2Bs are drowning in Legacy. Legacy tech, processes, mindsets, structures, and culture. This makes transforming and competing nearly impossible. In this environment, a company is lucky to survive. Absent Exec leadership, the forcefield up against socio-technical transformation is powerful and unyielding.

While much of the global economy is struggling with Legacy Mountain, this is particularly harrowing for B2Bs, Blandford says.

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“If a B2C company misses a few sales on chocolates or face creams, no big deal. If a B2B (or salesperson!) loses a complex sale or a customer, that’s devastating,” says Blandford.

B2B Unleashed aims to help companies prioritize obstacles, identify the plan to de-structure with the right mix of internal and external resources, clear the path to unleashing brilliant humans to drive transformative change, positioning organizations for unleashed potential.

“I’m quite excited to help more organizations navigate a realistic and efficacious path off Legacy Mountain,” notes Blandford.

Blandford is a highly regarded B2B leader with over three decades of experience in helping companies transform their GTM practices.

Blandford’s background and expertise include: 

Blandford’s latest book, “Moats and Drawbridges“, highlighting the current state of B2B cross-functional insight sharing is garnering rave reviews.

As part of the B2B Unleashed launch, Blandford will also be part of a live appearance on Diginomica’s Friday, April 16th show Enterprise Hits and Misses.

For more information, please visit our website www.b2bunleashed.com and email us at [email protected].


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B2B Unleashed is a management consultancy focusing on solving the material socio-technical obstacles to transformation.

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