Gypsum Plastering – The most cost effective and eco friendly construction reinforced by Kanish Plasters

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Eco friendly construction reinforced by Kanish Plasters

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu Apr 4, 2021 ( – Did you know that in 2017, the Niti Aayog estimated that there were around 3 lakh square feet of commercial floor space built in India every day?  And predicted by 2030, 40% of the living will be in cities, making it one of the largest commercial and residential building construction booms ever. 

The impact of COVID-19 on the worldwide economy is evident, and it’s taking a heavy toll on construction work as well. For the construction industry to bounce back from this blow to its growth, it needs to reduce the costs and enhance profits. And must take initiatives to think about green buildings. And when it comes to green building the only choice is to plan for Gypsum Ceilings, Interior Gypsum Plastering, and Gypsum walls.

There are numerous ways construction companies can diminish costs: for example, by not building basements, since it eats up a major chunk of the project budget, time, and effort, or by making the building shorter and wider by considering taller buildings are more expensive. These methods may give the construction company a vivid cost cut, but it comes at the price of compromising quality. When you exchange good material for low-priced and worse goods, for instance, your customer will have to bear the brunt of it. 

However, one positive change that we can see many major Indian builders adopt is the shift from cement plastering to gypsum plastering by considering its cost-effectiveness, grand appearance, and ecofriendly construction.

An Indian construction company has several options for plastering – river sand and M (manufactured) sand. You may aware of the controversies in the extraction of sand from river beds across the country and the effect it has had on the ecosystem. The govt. set up a National Green Tribunal to determine the situation. The experts ruled to make sand mining unlawful in India considering the harmfulness to nature. And sand screening is a cost-consuming process before plastering. This is caused in recent years most construction companies prefer gypsum for interior design trends.  

When Compared to Gypsum Plastering, M Sand is an unnatural material from crushed hard stones. But it is considered superior to river sand; if produced right. In this day and age, where climate change and environmental imbalances can cause floods or earthquakes any day, the uncertainty about the most basic parts of a building is not reassuring. 

Shekhar Palanisamy, CEO of Kanish Plasters says that “Gypsum is an adequate alternative that is slowly becoming popular in the world of Indian construction. Complete environment friendly and recyclable, gypsum mainly consists of stucco, which is made after heating gypsum rock in mines. After you add water, the stucco in the plaster reverts to its original form, providing the required strength”.

Kanish Plasters sources its gypsum from India and middle east markets where the world’s best gypsum is mined. It’s 30% less expensive compared to cement sand plaster. Kanish Plasters invest significantly in research and development to source gypsum from the best mines around the world and built the knowledge base to apply that correctly that will last a lifetime. Gypsum does not require time for water curing like a process of 15 days like plastering using sand. Gypsum requires just 78 hours with the painting ready and with Gypsum plaster a lot of time and money is saved.

Gypsum plaster does not have any hydration healing properties and can be mixed with water and applied directly to any surface, which implies fewer touch-ups. The gypsum plaster surface is ready and leveled for painting as soon as it strengthens and does not need additional putty touch-ups like cement sand and shrinkage cracks.

Kanish Plasters aims to make building easier, cheaper, and more eco-friendly for builders, which is why it makes an effort to provide the best quality gypsum at affordable prices. Many major builders have made the change already. Every day is a new beginning; be swift and wise enough to get the best-tested plastering gypsum on time at the best price @Kanish Plasters.

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