“Friendship is power” – Fortune Citadel announced the investment of 100 million dollars for the app promotion plan

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Jakarta, Indonesia Apr 2, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Recently, Fortune Citadel and TRIA formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement at the Chrysler Building in Manhattan, New York, announcing the cooperation in global finance and physical business, and jointly announced the investment of 100 million dollars for the app promotion plan, named “Friendship is power”.

It is reported that all Fortune Citadel users will share the $100 million in promotion money.

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The signing of this agreement will signify that CAM will explore more active and diversified business forms in the future. With the help of powerful capital, Fortune Citadel, a financial management application developed by CAM, has been promoted to the global market at the same time since last year and has achieved amazing results. The number of daily actives has reached hundreds of thousands, and this is just the beginning.

“With the increase of global mobile Internet users and the dispersion of the media for users to receive information, we are constantly adjusting the way our business expands, and social interaction is an important part of it.” Suzanna said head of public relations for Fortune CItadel Asia,” Based on our analysis of industry data, the business development capabilities of online social networking are full of surprises.”

According to internal sources, the promotion plan is only part of the global expansion of Fortune Castle. Behind the achievements of thousands of active users of Fortune Castle every day, this is the result of many capitalists’ active following, and the famous TRIA fund is just one of them. It is believed that Fortune Citadel will also bring more benefits and surprises to users.


Source :Fortune Citadel

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