CAM Global Online-Marketers Recruitment Program has successfully concluded,More than 30,000 applicants.


(Spin Digit Editorial):- Chicago, Illinois Mar 31, 2021 ( – In February of this year, Fortune Citadel, CAM’s well-known financial management application, Started a global recruiting plan to hire online-marketers. More than 30,000 candidates from all over the world have participated in the online-interview and about 10,000  have been successfully hired by CAM.

In the context of the global covid-19 pandemic, the global economy is shrinking. Fortune Castle’s recruitment has brought new jobs and also provided new employment methods for many unemployedit’s known that CAM lasted 3 years has invested a lot of money to develop the application named Fortune Citadel.

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“There is an immense amount of talent around the world, and I am eager to see the contributions they will make across the program,” said Adam D’sAugelli, Co-chief investment officer, president, and CEO. “At the global process of CAM, we are committed to developing all business forms and welcoming diversity of customers and talent, because the online-marketing work is extremely important.”

AS known that, the online marketers hired will directly participate in Fortine Citadel’s global online promotion work as a freelancer, and will obtain promotion compensation from CAM by combining fixed salary and job task salary. Excellent talents will be formally hired as direct employees of Fortune Citadel’s 26 global operation centers after the end of the evaluation period and will receive vocational training opportunities at the headquarters.

in order to expand the global market and deal with business exploration in different economic environments, CAM has developed the Fortune Citadel application for three years, which will help more people without financial concepts and knowledge to manage their wealth, And keep abreast of global financial information, or achieve Asset premium and appreciation. Through this platform, users can more conveniently engage in global financial investment.

Currently, the Fortune Citadel platform is uniting multiple investment institutions and bank capital to initiate a new fund and loan business. At that time, related businesses will be open to all Fortune Citadel platform managers. For all platform users and investors, this is undoubtedly great news.


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