Virtual Land Ownership Is The Future: Here’s How Worldmapx is Making It Possible Through

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New York for sale on Worldmapx and Mintable

Worldmapx sells virtual land that can be used for advertising and more on

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Berkeley, California Mar 20, 2021 ( – As the NFT revolution ensues, Worldmapx has created the most extensive advertising map that the world has ever seen. Now, purchasing or selling land virtually is extremely simple.


This virtual land can be purchased with cryptocurrency and is a one-time investment. Land purchased on Worldmapx can be sold with ease via cryptocurrency.


Worldmapx sells these virtual properties on Mintable, a novel marketplace where individuals can safely buy and sell digital assets on the blockchain. Mintable also enables users to create items on the blockchain.


Currently, three virtual properties are being sold on You can own digital land in Dubai, New York City, or the Vatican right now.


Worlmapx is a social network with a difference. Unlike typical social networks, this platform is map-based. Virtual real estate owners will display their property status, show images, and even share a website preview, history log, and visitors’ profiles.


To learn more about Worldmapx, visit For more information on Mintable and how you can begin trading digital assets, visit

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