Get through a musical rainbow with Arpan Mahida and his latest album ‘Spectrum’

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Arpan Mahida

(Spin Digit Editorial):- Gujarat, India Mar 19, 2021 ( – Up-and-coming music artist Arpan Mahida is spreading love and a colorful musical composition through his latest album ‘Spectrum’. The album consists of seven instrumental tracks like, ‘Fairytale’, ‘Dauntless’, ‘Stranger Synth’, ‘Festivious’, etc to name some. Each track provides a different flavor than another as the artist took influences from various music genres and blended them with his sheer individuality and musical creativity. As a result, the tracks offer the listeners elements of future trance, rock, lo-fi, and some experimental music. The album is well-tooled and finely calibrated that evokes the emotions of the listeners with instrumental narrative and emotionally-rich compositions.

This well-revered artist has gathered a lot of attention throughout his life and musical career for his prolific musicianship qualities. He started his musical journey at the age of 3 by playing on the toy-piano, gifted by his father. This multi-instrumentalist artist nurtured his musical skills as he grew up and learned to play the piano, drums, keyboard, guitar, and various percussion instruments. The artist masterfully crafts the latest album ‘Spectrum’ with seven tracks with the significance of light spectrum that refracts through seven different colors, creating a blissful musical rainbow. Follow Arpan Mahida on Spotify to have a taste of his music.

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