Eventible Reviews Platform to Bring Transparency to B2B Events Industry

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Launched this week, it offers a forum to let attendees, speakers, sponsors share their real, unbiased experiences of attending B2B events.

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- New York City, New York Mar 18, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Eventible, a unique platform for ranking events, conferences, summits, expos across the world, launched today with over 1,500 reviews across over 75 events for B2B professionals in the IT, HR, Finance and Marketing & Sales functions.

Eventible has been launched with the aim to help professionals identify and make informed decisions on the key events to attend based on their goals of career growth, networking, learning and development and more. The attendee-speaker-sponsor generated reviews are an ideal framework for aspiring attendees to know how past editions of an annual event have been rated to choose events that work best for them.

Says Ankush Gupta, Founder of Eventible, “We are all living in a reviews economy, where consumers are used to rating each one of their experiences, be it at restaurants, hotels, airlines, healthcare facilities. Direct feedback has helped many businesses to address customer issues in real time and ensure engagement and retention with a quick response. There’s no reason why the $30 billion B2B events and conferences space will not benefit from such event reviews from different stakeholders like attendees, speakers and sponsors.

“Last year’s COVID pandemic and the adaptability of the events industry to serve their target groups only shows the need for a platform like Eventible is perfectly timed to help organizers enhance their offerings based on real feedback. The fact that the platform throws up scores that are completely objective ensures that the complete spectrum of users from attendees to organizers finds value in it for their specific needs.”

Key Aims of Eventible: 

As an events reviews & ranking platform, Eventible focuses on the below goals to ensure value to multiple stakeholders operating in the B2B events industry.

  • Creating an evolved, expressive, and objective community of attendees coming from various job roles of Marketing & Sales, HR, IT and Finance. While attendees are encouraged to share in-depth and detailed reviews of their event experiences, every review has a stringent two-level quality check – for basic requirements like attendee identification and a dedicated quality team checking for overarching biases of any kind.
  • The second-level check is to avoid organizers from leaving favorable reviews for their own events or unfavorable ones for competitor events.
  • Easy social sharing and bookmarking are available for all users, where they can bookmark events, write reviews, save one’s own and other attendee reviews, and also share them on their social channels.
  • Today the way attendees search for events to attend is very unstructured – usually the well-known events get all the buzz. Eventible’s recommendation engine matches attendee preferences with upcoming events and alerts them on a regular basis, adding value and efficiency to their discovery process and helping the best-rated events – whether big or small – get found more often by relevant audiences.

Eventible came to life as a result of Ankush’s own search for interesting Marketing events to attend last year in a virtual format due to the COVID-19 pandemic. When he was unable to find peer feedback that could guide him to make informed decisions before spending a sizeable sum on the tickets, he started detailing out what a platform for event reviews may look like.    

At launch, Eventible is looking at building a community of B2B professionals that can guide their colleagues to make informed choices based on their own in-depth reviews of virtual, in-person and hybrid events with details about speakers, networking opportunities, learning and development and more.

Visit Eventible at: www.eventible.com

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