Mercans Releases HR Blizz Update that Significantly Enhances its Front-End Architecture and Reduces Latency

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- New York City, New York Mar 14, 2021 ( – Mercans’ game-changing global payroll and human resources management SaaS platform HR Blizz enables multinational companies to fully automate their end-to-end payroll processing and HR activities in 160 countries worldwide. HR Blizz is the only multi-country payroll and HR platform that delivers native payroll processing, statutory compliance, and advanced HR functionalities on a single cutting-edge application across 160 jurisdictions globally.

Mercans has announced a global update to HR Blizz with improvements being rolled-out to its existing payroll outsourcing and SaaS clients. The announced upgrades include deploying a new micro-frontend framework, optimized integration capability, and various performance enhancements for the enterprise clients with more than 50,000 employee headcounts. HR Blizz now provides quicker deployment cycles, higher resilience, and more straightforward configuration, enabling clients to adopt payroll and HRM automation and optimize their international payroll and HR operations.

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Implementation of a micro-frontend framework for HR Blizz

Mercans’ micro-frontend approach for HR Blizz consists of structuring the product’s features and functionality as micro-services. Andre Voolaid, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Mercans, explains that “the software has been restructured to allow modifications on each capability independently for quicker maintenance and more frequent updates by Mercans’ development teams.” For the end-user, it means that HR Blizz is simpler and easier to understand and use.

“Technically, our micro-frontend architecture allows quicker development, simplified testing, and efficient deployment, making the software significantly more scalable,” added Andre Voolaid. “The bottom line is that while HR Blizz is facilitating immensely more complex calculations, as well as sophisticated workflows and functionality, this latest update makes our product, as a whole, less monolithic and eases the life of both the users and developers.”

Marko Taylor, the CEO of Mercans, added that “the idea behind the implementation of a micro-frontend framework for HR Blizz is to help us provide faster deployment of process-driven functionality with user-friendly workflows. This new architecture breaks up large-scale payroll and human resources systems into much smaller and agile components to simplify tasks, improve user experience and transform business processes management. Also, it allows cross-functional teams at Mercans to work autonomously, focusing on delivering end-to-end solutions.”

The revamped architecture breaks down silos for better communication between backend and frontend developers, decreasing bottlenecks. Ultimately, as a process-driven tool, “HR Blizz allows assigning different roles and permissions to the stakeholders involved in the payroll and HRM workflows, allowing them to access only relevant information to their specific process. As a result, the user experience is more streamlined,” added Marko Taylor.

The HR Blizz update includes enhanced usability and performance.

Mercans’ developers have introduced Redis cache in HR Blizz software for improved usability, a server-assisted client-side caching. Exploiting the available memory on the product servers allows storing a subset of the database directly in the software and accessing information faster. “This approach greatly reduces the latency as the databases receive fewer queries, allowing to serve the same dataset with a smaller number of nodes,” said Andre Voolaid. Mercans developers also integrated a RabbitMQ plugin in HR Blizz. With a new message-queueing functionality – also called message broker or queue manager – the HR Blizz messaging system allows servers to respond to queries significantly faster, minimizing resource-heavy processes that delay response times. “The message queueing functionality is great when you need to distribute a message to multiple clients or balance workload between team members,” explained the CTO.

Since its inception, HR Blizz has included built-in features for local compliance in many countries, in multiple languages, and with multi-currency support. New countries, languages, and improved multi-currency support are included in the March 2021 update. Mercans has always provided 24/7 global availability for comprehensive HR Blizz technical and commercial support, and Mercans offers several multilingual support options to match international customers’ support expectations.

Organizational charting functionality, introduced on HR Blizz, allows a more accessible and more intuitive workflow configuration. Also, HR Blizz users can benefit from an improved custom master data reporting functionality (PAC reporting). They can activate push notifications for payroll processing workflows, creating, assigning, and monitoring their team members’ tasks while sending scheduled reminders. From the end-user perspective, all these improvements lead to a significant improvement in the performance and experience.

“We are excited to bring this game-changing update of our flagship HR Blizz global payroll and HR SaaS suite. It enables our customers to leverage a seamless single global integration approach, including pre-built interfaces with all the major HRIS platforms, and roll out a single global payroll and localized HR platform across 160 countries faster than ever. Mercans is the pioneer in utilizing the latest artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology, taking the global payroll industry into the new era of fully automated and touchless payroll processing capabilities,” concluded Mercans’ CEO Marko Taylor.

About HR Blizz

HR Blizz is Mercans’ cloud-based proprietary global payroll and HR SaaS suite. HR Blizz offers native payroll processing and statutory compliance support in 160 countries worldwide, making it the only SaaS and BPO solution that reaches 99% of the global population. It includes cutting-edge embedded artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology, offering up to 90% reduction in payroll processing timelines and a 50% decrease in processing costs. HR Blizz is the only global payroll and HR suite that enables companies to monitor their payrolls’ statuses and controls worldwide in real-time and on any device. Users can consolidate, automate and process their international teams’ payroll in just a few clicks to ensure fully-compliant, error-free, and timely salary payments in multiple languages and currencies. Powered by Mercans, HR Blizz guarantees military-grade data security, accuracy, transparency, and control while minimizing human-related data processing risks.

Mercans adheres to the highest security and privacy standards, including GDPR, to keep sensitive information protected at all times. Besides, with inside-out knowledge of local markets and business protocols and expertise in labor laws and employment regulations compliance, the Mercans teams, consisting of more than 700 experts in 175+ countries, can assist users and their people 24/7 inany time zone. They provide technical support, additional human resources management outsourcing services, and global payroll advisory to enhance customer experience and boost employee satisfaction. As of January 2021, HR Blizz allows the treatment of 7M+ payslips per annum.

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About Mercans – Simplifying Employment Tasks Worldwide

Mercans is an industry-disrupting HRO service provider, an expert in global payroll services outsourcing, international PEO GEO and EOR services, talent management systems, and multi-country recruitment process outsourcing services (RPO). Mercans’ International HR specialists are dedicated to ensuring clients’ consistent and sustainable growth without intermediaries or third-party operators, with a striking local presence, while keeping employees happy and guaranteeing local tax and legal compliance worldwide.

Supported by 700+ in-country payroll and HR consultants, we are a borderless people engagement enabler with in-depth local knowledge, empowering businesses – _regardless of their size or industry – _with timely, scalable results, bottom-line savings, and military-grade data security. Mercans’ holistic services and cloud-based SaaS platforms, combining comprehensive non-aggregated services and fully-compliant operations, already satisfy 8,000+ clients across 175+ countries. The company multiplies its annual revenue growth by 1.5 every year since 2010, delivering more than 7 million payslips per annum while having the largest payroll per country in the industry with a record headcount of 25,000.

Success-oriented and striving for excellence within budget, we have earned major multinational companies’ trust, helping them expand abroad quickly and efficiently at reduced operational costs. Our proprietary HRM SaaS products HR Blizz and Mesaar are self-service tools packed with built-in features. According to the most demanding HR operators’ needs, all data are integrated into single interfaces and fully customizable dashboards accessible in real-time on any device. They are compatible with standard international HRMS like SuccessFactors, Workday, Oracle HCM, and MS Dynamics. In all our locations, our systems, workflows, and processes are GDPR compliant, ISO 9001, 20000, 27001 certified, and SOC 1 and SOC 2 audited.

A registered Finpro expert, we are also a member of the Global Payroll Association (GPA) and the Global Payroll Management Institute (GPMI). Our clients are Accenture, Adidas, Airbus, ATKearney, Audi, Bayer, Bombardier, Electrolux, Ericsson, EY, Johnson & Johnson, Kärcher, McLaren, Nokia, Tesla, Uber, and 3M, to name a few.


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