POP Business launches innovative online bookkeeping service for Australian business owners

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Sydney, New South Wales Mar 9, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Cloud-based accounting firm POP Business has launched one of Australia’s first completely-online bookkeeping services, designed for both small and large businesses.

The new online bookkeeping service aims to replace traditional forms of bookkeeping by eliminating paperwork completely and transferring all important data and information into POP Business’ secure cloud systems. 

By moving bookkeeping services online, POP Business hopes to help business owners spend less time on tedious bookkeeping paperwork, and more on growing their business, while also maintaining high levels of transparency, communication, and accessibility.

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“We have made it our mission to help thousands of business owners spend less time on the sole-sapping stuff like bookkeeping, payroll, and tax and more time working on their business,” said Patrick Sargent, chartered accountant and CEO at POP Business.

“Our young, professional and agile team at POP Business regularly test different software and take the time to intimately know our clients so that we can provide the right advice and cloud-based services”.

The new online bookkeeping service manages clients’ financial data in an organised and systemised manner by utilising the right technology stack, including programs such as Xero.

“We set-up the right tech-stack to enable the greatest outcomes for our business clients. This may include Xero cloud accounting software for bank reconciliations and invoicing, then various other online software that integrates with Xero,” said Patrick.

Services included in POP Business’ new online bookkeeping campaign include bank reconciliations, accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory management, expense and receipt management, and payroll.

POP Business’ online bookkeeper ensures clients remain compliant with regulatory bodies, tracks, and monitors business’ financial performance and position, and effectively communicates with business owners on a proactive and regular basis.

“We believe the key to a great relationship is great communication. We deliver information in an easily understandable manner that allows busy owners to make data-driven decisions to push their business forward,” said Patrick.

“We aim to empower business owners by providing accurate and reliable financial information that is communicated in plain English on a proactive and regular basis.”

POP Business’ innovative online bookkeeper service will be made available to Australian business owners through their website. Interested parties will need to fill out a ‘get in touch’ online form here or call at 1300 180 630.

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