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Mark Cuban dives into NFTs with Mintableapp

Billionaire investor and Shark Tank celebrity Mark Cuban, invests in a digital collectible startup.

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Dallas, Texas Mar 4, 2021 ( –, a next-generation NFT marketplace for digital items, has secured investment from billionaire investor and Shark Tank celebrity Mark Cuban.

Founded in 2018 by Zach Burks, did a successful public launch in December 2020 has had over 18,000 users transacting on the platform. After its initial launch, delivered a series of breakthroughs in minting – such as being the only marketplace that allows gasless minting. This feature has enabled thousands of artists to enter the NFT space without having to own any crypto first. Within 3 months of launch, Mintable has done over $200,000 in sales and has had over 32,000 items minted as non-fungible tokens on the blockchain.

Mark Cuban has publicly spoken about NFTs before but the love affair started when he used to auction his digital goods and was able to work royalties into the limited edition pieces. He speaks about his first experience using Mintable here. His latest NFT series on Mintable sold out within 2 minutes and earned Mark a cool $18,000.

With the support of Mark Cuban, Mintable is doubling down on growth and aims to take the NFT market by storm. Founder Zach Burks says “2021 will be the year of NFTs and Mintable is looking to be on the forefront of new users coming into space. Regardless of your level of understanding of blockchain – Mintable is made to be as easy as possible.”

Prior to Mark Cuban coming on board, Mintable has already secured investments and support from various blockchain investors and has been awarded grants by the Ethereum foundation during its pre-seed stage.

Alongside Mark Cuban, Mintable has also gathered the support of other notable investors in this seed round and is talking to some highly strategic partners that will supercharge the adoption of NFT forward. Details will be made public in the next few months.

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