American rapper Marvelous drops his most anticipated album ‘Tides’ featuring seven dynamic hip hop bangers


Young and talented Bronx-based hip hop artist Marvelous introduces unique rhythmic and rhyming flows in the breathtaking soundtracks of his latest album ‘Tides’.


The genre of hip hop welcomes newer talents every day. The newest gem that has stepped into the hip hop scene is Marvelous Leo Marines, best known as Marvelous to his fans. The brilliant rapper from New York has released the hit album ‘Tides’ taking over 2021. Instead of getting demotivated during the pandemic, he has worked on his latest melodic collection with incredible energy.

The album features 7 outstanding tracks including the mega-hit number ‘That’s a Given’. Marvelous has poured his heart out into creating his epic album ‘Tides’. Incorporating both the traditional and modern hip hop flavors in the collection, he has omitted the gap between generations. Listen to the album on Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube and follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for more updates.