We Rise To Legalize Responds to NY Governor Cuomo’s Proposed Cannabis Plan:

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“It is Discriminatory and Unconstitutional”


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(Spin Digit Editorial):- New York City, New York Jan 12, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – We Rise To Legalize Response to NY Governor Cuomo’s Proposed Cannabis Plan: “It is Discriminatory and Unconstitutional” 

NEW YORK, NY. –We Rise To Legalize (We Rise) does not support NY Governor Cuomo’s plan because it does not expand the NY Medical Cannabis Program. Of the ten vertically integrated licensed operators, not one is owned by a Black or Brown operator and the law does not address disparities created in areas impacted by the War On Drugs. This plan is discriminatory and appears to be a ‘pattern and practice’ of exclusion similar to those seen in other States across the US.

We Rise believes access to medical cannabis is an essential health care need and any policy that deprives access based on Race, either intentional or by disparate impact, is discriminatory and a Civil Rights violation. We Rise and its supporters have communicated this view to the Governor and the State legislative bodies prior to the Opioid  & COVID-19 epidemics. We also have warned of the collateral consequences associated with the lack of access on impacted communities.

We Rise has proposed to the Governor short and long term solutions for reform such as implementing the Emergency Marijuana Access Program (EMAP) that is current law.
Governor Cuomo’s inaction will lead to irreparable harm to Black and Brown New Yorkers in impacted areas by causing health, social, criminal justice and economic disparities. We will not sit idle and allow the State to deprive New York’s most vulnerable. The Governor has the authority to correct these discriminatory policies. If he is unwilling to use his authority we must access the Federal Courts to mandate he do so.


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