Amer Fakhoury Foundation Delivers Aid to Family of Hostage Held in Iran


(Spin Digit Editorial):- Dover, New Hampshire Feb 24, 2021 ( – The Amer Fakhoury Foundation (AFF) announced providing a financial gift to the family of Jamshid Sharmahd, the 65-year-old US resident, journalist, and vocal opponent of the Iranian regime. Sharmahd was kidnapped in July 2020 while in Dubai and is now an illegally detained hostage of the Iranian government.

“As the daughters of Amer (Fakhoury), we uniquely understand not only the frustration in the face of such illegal actions by these corrupt regimes,” said Guila Fakhoury, AFF President and Director, “but also the impact on the families.”

The Amer Fakhoury Foundation, a registered not-for-profit organization, was created in response to the illegal detention of Fakhoury’s father, Amer, after he accepted an invitation to travel to his birth home in Lebanon. Upon arrival, Fakhoury was subjected to imprisonment and torture at the hands of the Lebanese government, ultimately leading to his death.

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“Our fundraising activities have only recently begun,” continued Guila Fakhoury, “but we are determined to provide assistance to families, such as the Sharmahds, as we are able.” Fakhoury also noted that, as with their previous gift of tuition assistance to youth in Lebanon, AFF was gifting one hundred percent of recent proceeds by covering administration costs.

Guila Fakhoury concluded stating, “Such tragic events put an enormous emotional and financial strain on the victim’s family. The Amer Fakhoury Foundation will continue our father’s legacy by being a voice and support system through their hard times.”


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