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Alpha16 Capital is an asset management service that provides algorithmic strategies based on big data. Our technical infrastructure supports official exchange APIs to which investors can connect, keeping their capital on the account balance.

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Feb 15, 2021 ( – For the convenience of individual investors, the Alpha16 Capital team has created an infrastructure with high ROI opportunities in the crypto-assets market by intending to optimize risk and return by applying modern portfolio theory, quantitative approach, and proper risk management. Behind the scenes of our fund is a team of traders from traditional markets, math and game theory experts, quants and AI engineers, programmers of high-loading trading systems.

The strategic plans of Alpha16 Capital include the democratization of algorithmic crypto trading by giving an edge to market participants with not a pass-through size capital.

By today, Alpha16 Capital unites under its aegis a variety of investors who want to receive increased returns with the help of advanced trading algorithms. All the necessary information on cooperation you can view on our website –

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