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SM-1 smart mouse disrupts and optimizes traditional mouse design by integrating a 2.5-inch programmable, multi-touch & multi-sensor ( Presure) screen . 3D navigation , total control and limitless functions at your fingertips !

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Amsterdam, Netherlands Feb 10, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – “Yes, It’s a Mouse with a Touchscreen!” Digital Intelligence Debuts the SM-1 Smart Mouse, First in a New Generation of High-Performance Input Hardware

The SM-1 Smart Mouse disrupts and optimizes traditional mouse design by integrating a 2.5″ adjustable, programmable, multi-touch & Multi-sensor screen that allows intuitive and fast 3D navigation: zoom, rotate, spin, accelerate, scroll, limitless functions, pads, and even Smartphone interaction:  a total control at your fingertips.

[2/03/2021 – Amsterdam] – Digital Intelligence (Di), an experienced hardware design team dedicated to evolving the functionality of digital devices, has announced the SM-1 Smart Mouse, a patented, first-of-its-kind evolution of the traditional computer mouse that adds a 2.5″ multi-touch screen to extend device functionality, convenience, and performance. Features include:

  • 2.5″ E Ink or OLED multi-touch screen
  • Screen Pressure force multi-sensors 
  • the tactile haptic scroll wheel
  • Comes with a large set of functions, including numerical & Maths pads, special characters, etc.
  • Customizable
  • Plug-in charging, or optional wireless via Qi recharge pad
  • Gamer version, with a lateral force sensor
  • Fully foldable version
  • Available in black, white, red, or lunar grey colors 
  • Windows 10 and MAC OS

The innovative design and high-quality engineering of this truly smart mouse promise to define a new standard for the category.

The multi-touch screens including pressure force multi-sensors provide easy access to a full range of functionality and the ability to navigate in 3D: touch and press the screen surface to rotate, spin, accelerate, move, scroll, and more.

The SM-1 Smart Mouse is fully customizable, and different screen responses and configurations can be saved for any application like maths, special characters, emoticons, etc..  including custom screens and functions for optimal gaming performance and Phone apps link.

“We considered ways to re-engineer the traditional mouse and make it not only more advanced but also more useful,” said Di CTO, Luke Goertski. “The SM-1 Smart Mouse is ideal for gamers, students, professionals, anyone who wants a more functional, comfortable, and convenient user experience. The Mouse is the navigation tool for any computer, SM-1 Smart Mouse is a game-changer that will expand what you think is possible.”

In addition to the Standard SM-1, two other versions are available, to match users’ precise needs for performance. The Gamer SM-1G adds a lateral force sensor and has enhanced 12,000 DPI.  The Foldable SM-1 F has the ability to fold the screen down completely, without affecting other mouse functions, specially designed for travelers and their laptops. Choice of multi-touch OLED or E Ink screen ( low consumption version), with force sensors that deliver haptic feedback for a truly authentic touch experience, USB recharging, Bluetooth connectivity, and programmable interface are standard in all versions.

To develop and make available its new SM-1 Product Range, Digital Intelligence is announcing its Indiegogo Campaign. 

campaign funding will be used for engineering and manufacturing costs, along with distribution and shipping expenses. Backers can select from the full range of versions and configurations at the time of their pledge.

“We know there’s a lot more that people can be doing with their mouses,” said Mr. Goertski. “The SM-1 Smart Mouse will open their eyes to a much wider range of satisfaction for their daily computing or gaming.”

Please visit the Indiegogo campaign page to learn more.


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About Digital Intelligence

“Di” is an innovation and design team based in Amsterdam, dedicated to expanding the functionality of computer devices. The company has its own design and production workshop where it designs a wide range of accessories for users. Visit Di at https://www.di-xx.com/.


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