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With the acquisition, Adful is poised to create powerful marketing programs through cutting edge software utilization

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- New York City, New York Feb 8, 2021 ( – Adful, a leader in specialized software marketing is pleased to announce the completion of the acquisition of giving clients access to even more marketing resources.

And with the acquisition, Adful is poised to create more efficient marketing programs for their select clientele, through proprietary software developed by

“The potential this gives us is extraordinary,” said Adful CEO Kasper Haken. “The combination of our proven marketing strategies implemented with software developed by will allow us to become a stronger company. It’s an exciting development for both companies, but even more importantly our clients are poised to benefit from our expanded resources.”

He is hopeful that once Adful staff becomes familiar with the new software, the company will be ready to take on more select clients.

“We are very excited about the potential growth implications following the purchase,” Haken said. “But that doesn’t mean scrapping our values. Since we began, we have been proud to work with software designers to get their work into the world and utilized across the globe.”

While not a household name, he said software packages marketed by the company have been downloaded by users worldwide; developed by major players in the app market.

“Our services are not for the 17-year-old software developer working on yet another platform game for the Apple store,” Haken said. “We take great care selecting the companies we work with and ensure that their specific needs are met throughout our specialized marketing process.”

Working with a small number of clients, he said allows Adful to focus on client needs rather than continually searching for the next job.

“Some internet marketing companies take on clients too fast and without much regard as to the outcomes,” Haken said. “We believe there is a better way. At Adful we measure success by the success of our clients, not just our ability to generate revenue.”

That attention to detail and working to find the best way to market software developed by their clients is a large part of what he believes makes Adful successful.

“We have proven that by focusing on the needs of our clients, we can have a larger impact on their outcomes,” Haken said. “When you look at Adful, you won’t see an army of fresh-faced 20 somethings straight from Uni desperately trying all of the marketing “tricks” they learned, hoping to have an impact. We are selective and careful, and our record of success speaks to the way we operate and how much better creating and implementing a strategic marketing plan can be.”

With the power of software developed by, he believes even more time can now be dedicated to working directly with the client, creating even stronger connections – and a better marketing plan.

Adful’s program centers around increasing their clients’ vertical exposure, creating substantial growth, without impacting direct exposure. This allows Adful to help their clients find those perfect users that are unaware of the software.

“We don’t chase users for our clients that may or may not sign up,” Haken said. “That kind of scattered marketing is expensive and, in many cases, – I’m sorry to say – worthless. We don’t fumble in the dark looking for users for our clients’ software. Our direct and precise approach to marketing ensures that the advertising dollars spent by our select clients are appropriated in ways that will actually generate new users.”


How Adful creates powerful, personalized advertising that works

Even with the recent acquisition of, Adful executives insist on continuing the methods that pushed the company into being sought out by clients all over the world.

“Every aspect of the process is designed with one goal in mind; ensure our clients become the top advertisers in their vertical,” Haken said. “We don’t just gather a little information and run a campaign based on a typical scenario. We dig deep to understand our clients and work with them to find the most efficient route to success.”

With the specialized approach, Adful has been able to draw the attention of some of the largest companies in the world to connect with niche experts that get company info in front of the eyes of the top publishers in their vertical.

“In a lot of ways, it’s still very much about relationship building in an old-school marketing sense, but updated for today’s digital market,” Haken said.

And they can go above and beyond just understanding their clients’ businesses, they also dive deep into their competitors to find every sales advantage possible.

“Every time we take on a client, we do a full 360 analysis of their business landscape,” Haken said. “We don’t just know what their competitors are doing, but we understand why. We use that tried-and-true method of hard work to give our clients the best advice their advertising dollars can buy.”

Once Adful has a complete picture of the market, the outreach team then finds premium publishers to create relevant partnerships.

“We only work with the best in the business when it comes to our publishing partners,” Haken said. “We want to make sure that when our clients connect with publishers, they find more than just an outlet, but rather a person that can help drive traffic and ultimately, sales.”

By being selective, Adful can create a more powerful experience for their clients and generate a stronger vertical, adding incremental value to any business.

“Understanding everything about our clients, means our publishing partners know more about them as well,” Haken said. “In this business, it’s all about knowing what works for the client by digging deep and getting their product in front of those that can really appreciate it and become advocates.”

Ultimately Haken hopes the acquisition will allow Adful to become an even stronger ally for their clients and create more sales opportunities.

“We know our system works, the proof, as they say, is in the pudding,” Haken said. “If you look at our record of working with clients to find all those sales they were missing before, you will see how powerful our system is. Now with the acquisition of, we are going to be able to provide those same results faster.”

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