Chicago Rapper NoSleepCity Continues To Prosper Through Adversity!

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Chicago, Illinois Feb 5, 2021 ( – To say the road leading here was a rocky one for veteran Chicago rapper & entrepreneur NoSleepCity would be an understatement. The city was raised in the Austin area a community in one of Chicago’s most notorious neighborhoods located on the westside. Though he had seen on numerous occasions what the street life led to, it would take his own misfortune in being shot & hospitalized to understand the true validity of time is of the essence.

In Late 2012 City would meet producer & artist LeekeLeek, a budding star within the Chicago Industry who had already produced for the likes of Chief Keef & Lil Durk. Even though both had solo careers the two remained close, working alongside each other throughout the years. In 2017 they (NoSleepCity & LeekeLeek) decided to form the duo “Mud Brothers” releasing a 6 song EP titled “Beat The Block” mid-2018. Sadly a month after the album’s release his brother & bandmate LeekeLek would be killed in a freak accident in Danville, IL. NoSleepCity states, “I had experienced losses before you know? We from Chicago so it’s sort of expected but that one hit hard and put me in a really bad place.” Tragedy would soon strike again in June 2019 with the loss of his sister “Dee” passing due to cancer.

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City had begun a downward spiral and decided he was done with music. He states “At that point in my life I was pretty much done with it all, I was hurt, its a pain I still feel I just deal with it differently now.”

Luckily City had a support system that wouldn’t let him quit, and in October of 2019, he dropped his biggest song to date titled “Sack” garnering 10’s of 1000’s views on YouTube and being published on It was just the boost he’d needed. He’s now partnered with manager & childhood friend “fresh” to upstart a label of their own & also has his own clothing brand. For the past year, NoSleepCity has been at work on his sophomore mixtape titled “New Wayne 2” a name procured to imply his work ethic and the quest for greatness such as New Orleans rap legend Lil Wayne. The project is set to be released in mid-February and will bolster some of Chicago’s best local talent. A single from the mixtape titled “Deep End Freestyle” is currently out and streaming on all major platforms.

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