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(Spin Digit Editorial):- New Delhi, Delhi Feb 5, 2021 ( – Marketing has taken so many shapes and forms over the years that it has become a topic of both research and conversation. What started as a sidekick to products/services, has now turned into a whole industry; thriving and expanding. Technology has now added an engine to the array of compartments. With data expanding exponentially and demographics processed via algorithms, it has become imperative for marketers to have a tech-enabled marketing ecosystem to have a better grip on consumer behavior.

Binary Chai, is an upcoming tech startup, which specializes in making marketing tools that are technologically advanced and sound with marketing. When people ask about the approach, Binary Chai states that “tech-enabled marketing tools need the sensitivity of a marketing aptitude and sophistication of technology. Very few understand it. That is what Binary is trying to do. Telling the world that no more marketing has existence without technology, and it is for the better!.”

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Ujjwal Sharma, the founder of Binary Chai is confident about the promising future of tech-driven marketing. He believes that marketing is enhanced under the purview of technology; keeping up with the agile world and dynamic purchasing and consuming habits of the world.

The interesting part of this type of marketing is the tools like websites, applications, CRMs, and recent fame, AR filters, that took another spin and engaged the consumer or even marketers on a deeper level. While some tools help in putting the product/service out innovatively to the audience and some help organizations to become more efficient. 

Today’s adage is all science and art, and here Binary Chai is striving to make this place more promising and moving towards the dawn of marketing which is revolutionary and progressive.

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