Printed Farms 3D Prints Makes 3D Construction Printing For Custom, Commercial, And Mass Construction Projects

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Based on COBOD’s printers, Printed Farms is developing an entire and scalable building system and are on a mission to enable an effective use of the 3D construction printing technology for custom, commercial, and large-scale projects.

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Florida City, Florida Feb 1, 2021 ( – Printed Farms’ mission is to make 3D printing standards for use in small-scale as well as large-scale construction projects, in an effort to bring hurricane-resistant, flood-resistant, and green buildings to Florida, the fastest growing State in the USA.

As the first step on this journey, Printed Farms has completed its first project, an almost 700 sf building for agricultural tractors and equipment. The entire structure was completed using a COBOD BOD2 Printer. The finished building was reinforced with rebar, completed with an ICF platform system, and signed off by a structural engineer. The next steps on the way will be two intercoastal villas in Florida, now in the permitting phase.

Jim Ritter, Co-founder of Printed Farms LLC said, “Over 300.000 people move to Florida every year and there is a large housing deficit. I have noticed over the last years that the quality of the building has gone down. What used to be 60% material and 40% labor cost is now reversed to 40% material and 60% labor cost. The result of this is using lower quality material with a lower quality of the finished buildings as a consequence. At the same time, hurricanes and flooding are increasing, creating problems and high insurance costs. The natural evolvement is to have machines taking over hard labor work and that’s why we founded Printed Farms.”

In the coming two years Printed Farms will focus on complementing the printers with other solutions to create an entire building system, facilitating an easy permitting and structural engineering process, and thereby enabling the technology and building system to be used easily for contractors and developers, involved in small scale as well as large scale projects. Printed Farms especially believes in the potential for mass construction housing projects.

Fredrik Wannius, co-founder at Printed Farms said, “The construction industry is the world’s largest industry and one that has not been impacted by a technology revolution. We are here to change that, and here to build safer homes, at competitive rates. Using the 3D construction technology and BluePrintz, our innovative building method, we are aiming to significantly reduce the cost of building 40-50% of the house and getting ready to put the machine in the hands of contractors. BluePrintz will bridge material suppliers and technological inventions into a practical system and we expect to be ready for mass housing projects within 2 years. Highly automated, labor-saving COBOD 3D printers are the backbone of our building system and we are thankful for all the support and dedication from COBOD Team. We are self-funded so far, but this year we are opening up for external investments.”

Other businesses in Florida’s construction industry also seem to be keen on Printed Farms launching commercially. Ulises Scenarios, President of Mr. Glass and Windows said, “There is a gap to be filled when it comes to framing/shell construction in Florida and for our business, Printed Farms automated building system is welcomed. We believe strongly in our cooperation and are ready to scale up as soon as Printed Farm are.”

Henrik Lund-Nielsen, Co-founder and CEO of COBOD International A/S said, “We fully support Printed Farms mission of making an entire building system based on 3D construction printing ready for taking on large scale construction projects, like mass housing. Florida could really benefit from the strong, durable, hurricane, and flood-resistant buildings and we are proud to deliver our small part of that.”

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