LeSin Vodka Invites Everyone to Pursue the Passions and Live LeSinfully in 2021

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Alabaster, Alabama Feb 1, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – LeSin Vodka starts 2021 off with a refreshing glass of inspiration. Their brand encourages consumers to move with passion and achieve with confidence- to live LeSinfully. The ultra-premium vodka market lacks a brand that inspires, LeSin Vodka plans to fill that void with the launch of its product in New York City, Las Vegas, and Southern Florida as early as February. 

LeSin founder, Charles Vaughn, recognized the detrimental impact of COVID-19 in all facets of society. “When faced with the myriad challenges COVID-19 threw our way, we were nothing but inspired to navigate through the obstacles and move forward. Living through such unprecedented times has caused widespread desperation in society, inciting a critical need for inspiration.” The LeSin Vodka brand embodies this cultural demand for encouragement. 

LeSin’s latest Live LeSinfully campaign stimulates motivation with their slogan “Move with Passion, Achieve with Confidence, Live LeSinfully.” This message advocates for the pursuit of one’s passion and achieving greatness- providing an optimistic outlook during pessimistic times. Along with driving ambitions, living LeSinfully instills confidence within its consumers. LeSin affirms that living a lifestyle pursuant of one’s passion is a recipe for confidence and success. Since confidence stems fromaccolades, living LeSinfully encourages celebrating one’s achievements- with LeSin Vodka of course!This is an all-inclusive lifestyle, Living LeSinfully is possible for anyone. 

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LeSin Vodka works closely with The VIP List, an all-inclusive lifestyle brand with over 300,000followers on TikTok. LeSin Vodka’s viral marketing strategy has proven effective, grabbing the attention of over 1.5 million viewers. Through this partnership, LeSin Vodka has received international exposure, leveraging a competitive advantage over new entrants in the ultra-premium liquor industry. 

In lieu of society’s transition away from on-premise consumption, LeSin has implemented a launch strategy that emphasizes the use of e-premise and off-premise marketing. By recognizing this paradigm shift, LeSin Vodka has refined its approach to effectively drive traffic to retail stores and e-commerce platforms. 

The culmination of current unprecedented times, optimistic brand messaging, and a targeted marketing strategy prove to be a recipe for LeSin’s success in the ultra-premium spirits industry. Be sure to add LeSin Vodka to your watch list for 2021.


About LeSin Vodka 

LeSin is the World’s Sexiest Vodka. Their vodka is sourced, produced, and distilled in Cognac, France. LeSin’s deluxe wheat is grown along the banks of the Charente River- where nutrient-rich soil provides an optimal environment to cultivate the finest of ingredients. LeSin’s artesian water is sourced directly from the Gensac spring, giving it a hint of sweetness that sets LeSin apart from the average vodka. Together, these artistic ingredients are curated to create a spirit that embodies the elegance and beauty of France. 

LeSin is an ultra-premium vodka that empowers you to move with passion, to achieve with confidence, and live LeSinfully. It is more than just a spirit, it’s a luxury lifestyle.

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