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(Spin Digit Editorial):- New Delhi, Delhi Jan 28, 2021 ( – OMBIKA E-Commerce Services Private Limited ( … Marketplace ); is one of the Leading Indian E-Commerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace Website started with the hardcore motive
to deliver only Genuine & Quality Products at a cheap rate to all user of OMBIKA Globally. Still delivering in all India; very soon start delivering globally. We are not going to compromise with
standard & quality; that’s why we are verifying each and every seller of ours.

“Indian E-Commerce Start-up seeking for support” from all online shoppers globally. Because it’s a universal truth that no one can grow without support & trust. In other words, we can say “Support & Trust is the greatest tool for the success of any business”.

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OMBIKA was launched on 2nd September 2019 and registered under the Companies Act 2013 on 9th January 2019. We have Products available from 110+ Categories for our shoppers/customers, that users can choose the products as per their needs/requirements. Also, Sellers can register them and list their products in their product categories free of cost. We will charge only when the seller’s product gets sold from our marketplace.

OMBIKA is a purely Indian Start-up and seeking support. During the first year of ours; we are offering Assured Gifts to each and every shopper. So, choose OMBIKA for the best offers and assured gifts and support us in our growth.

OMBIKA has also decided to contribute 5% of Company Profit for Social Security & Welfare. So, when you shop with OMBIKA; keep in mind that you are supporting us in contributing to social
security & welfare also.

Support OMBIKA!!! Support Nation!!!

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