Modern Rhymes Meet Nostalgic Rhythmic Charm in Hiphop Artist Dre Pressha’s Finest Music Video ‘Real’

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Dre Pressha

Well-known Patterson based hiphop artist Dre Pressha channels his exuberant passion into his newest ocular and acoustic treat ‘Real’ exuding rare lyrical aroma.

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Morgan City, Louisiana Jun 26, 2020 ( – With the mission to break free of all the misconceptions and preconceived biases of the genre, modern hip hop is on its way to revolutionize the global music scene with its universal charm. Budding hip hop artist Dre Pressha is destined to make a change in the hip hop scenario with his unmatchable rhyming scheme indicating the potential complexity in his unique art form. The multisyllabic and interior rhymes of his latest soundtrack ‘Real’ encapsulate the eloquence of the picturesque lyrical wordplay bringing out the true essence of his wondrous artistry. The soul-drenching narrative achieved through powerful symbolism comes to life flourishing through the robust verse delivery backed up by his fiery vocal style.

Well versed in diverse tonalities, the Patterson based hiphop artist experiments with various sonic elements from different genres to achieve a grand acoustic perfection that portrays his flamboyant persona and distinctive creative skills. Influence by the vintage sonic charm of old school hip hop, he adds a dash of nostalgia in his cleverly crafted soundscape, giving the audience a taste of his rare tonal delicacy. The outstanding rhythmic cadence of his composition is generated by orchestrating a perfect balance between the syncopated chord arrangement and the steadily escalating harmonic flow, with a flicker of instrumentation. The pummeling beats incorporated with diverse instrumental magnificence add another dimension to the master class of his brilliant production.

Determined to broaden his spectrum and reach the global audience, the gifted musician has come up with a universal approach towards his creations with extremely relatable and innovative elements. Born in Germany, Dre Pressha also known as Dre Johnson grew up in Louisiana, devoting his life to the art of music-making, finding solace in rapping. His newest MV ‘Real’ sums up his thoughts and feelings through captivating verbal imagery narrated through hard-hitting rap delivery. The powerful verse-throw glides smoothly with the addictive and killer hook, wrapped up in the blissful embrace of the groovy resonating cadence firing up with the sensual visuals of the music video. To listen to his alluring collection follow him on YouTube and Instagram and be updated about his upcoming projects.


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