Trump’s Plans of Lifting Coronavirus Travel Restrictions on Europe and Brazil has been Rejected by Brazil

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Donald Trump revoked entry bands on Monday because of the pandemic on non-U.S. citizens who were arriving from Brazil and most parts of Europe effectively from the 26th of January. This move was shut down by the new president, Joe Biden.

The restrictions will be ending under Trump’s proclamation on the same day new test requirements for COVID-19 will take effect for people who will enter the country from international borders. Wednesday marks the last day of Trump in office.

Last week only, an order was signed by t5he Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that requires travelers coming in by air to submit a negative report of the coronavirus test or an official doctor’s certificate of recovery in order to enter the United States starting from January 26.

This restriction would have barred every non-American citizen who has visited Brazil, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and 26 other countries of the Schengen area in Europe in the last 14 days which are allowing international travels.

The restrictions imposed by the U.S. have been in effect since mid-March. The proclamation was signed by Trump. The ban on people entering from Brazil was imposed in May.

Joe Biden’s press secretary, Jen Psaki confirmed that there will be no lifting of travel restrictions on January 26. She took to Twitter to say that they are planning to strengthen public health measures on international travels to reduce the spread of the virus.

Director of CDC’s global migration and quarantine division, Marty Cetron told Reuters on Tuesday that the entry bans imposed by Trump were an opening act strategy aimed to address the virus spread. And now it is time for the government to actively reconsider the decision.

Airlines operation internationally hoped that the newly introduced testing requirements would make administrators lift restrictions that would reduce travel from many European countries by as much as 95 percent or more.

The senior White House officials were constantly pressed by them about the same issue in the past few days.

Administrative officials were of the opinion for over months arguing that the restrictions do not make any sense since many countries do not qualify under the entry bans imposed by Trump. There was another group that argued that the country should drop any entry bans since there many European countries that are still blocking out U.S. citizens. This disparity has seen a divide among people as the issue has now gone deeper beyond just medical reasonability and now it has leveled down to a communal problem.

Reuters reported previously that the White House however was not considering lifting entry bans on most non-American citizens who have visited China or Iran recently. The whole world is stuck in time owing to the virus scare. It is still a matter of patience and resilience to reach the other side of the pandemic where everything can be expected to go back to normal.