Maxwell LeVan Slams Publication Authors for Being Too Loud

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The 17 year-old Music Producer Calls Out Blog Writers and Mainstream Media

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Jan 22, 2021 ( – Maxwell LeVan took a jab at the media early Friday morning. The music producer and TikToker with over 100,000 social media followers tweeted “when I see or read crazy stuff about me online I’m like ‘why tho I’m irrelevant’ but then I remember it literally takes one person to write a blog or make a video so it’s gonna add up. I guess it being louder gives the illusion of it being more people.” 

LeVan is widely known in the TikTok music producer niche for having created a song titled “Toe Bamba”, where LeVan bragged about an apparent foot fetish. 

This is not Maxwell LeVan’s first exposure or comments about the media. LeVan has often spoken candidly about the fact that he “get(s) recognized almost everywhere I go; which is weird because when you look at my follower count you wouldn’t assume that a ton of people know who I am.” 

This 3 AM tweet shows the double-edged sword of living a public lifestyle, especially at the age of 17. 

LeVan recently shared on a podcast that he was published on Wikipedia, and given a biographical page on the site. This is a highly coveted threshold, as many people with massive followings are nowhere near Wikipedia’s standards of “notable”. However, for reasons not made entirely clear, Maxwell and his team requested the page to be deleted immediately. LeVan said “..they like, put a ton of sensitive information in there: my school, my friends, the passing of my dad, and that was really all they said. There was no pertinent stuff to my career; and that’s Wikipedia man, like a lot of people were gonna see that.” 

Maxwell clearly values his privacy, despite intentionally leaking his phone number multiple times on TikTok, encouraging fans to call and text him at will. 

The media has been widely criticized by celebrities and influencers for decades, but publicity is part of the game. Popularity isn’t a switch that can be turned on and off, so before you try to become famous, ask yourself if you’re ready for this. 

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