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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Jakarta, Indonesia Jan 21, 2021 ( – Fintech, or financial technology, has become a business that has been hotly discussed for the past five years. When viewed from market needs, it is not surprising that the field of Fintech is a promising business. The ease of getting an online loan (pinjaman online) through a fintech application is the main reason why this business is so loved. If we compare online loans with borrowing money at the bank, it seems that there are many advantages, especially in terms of the speed of getting a loan.


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Borrowing money at the bank sounds very traditional. You have to come to the bank, fill out all the paperwork, and you can get new money after waiting for some time. The presence of online loans is a solution for those of you who want to get money by credit quickly and easily. However, because so many people need loans, this business is often misused by online loan application owners to deceive their customers. You need to wisely choose a trusted online loan. Make sure that the application is registered with the OJK (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan) in Indonesia and legally recognized.


KreditPintar is one of the most trusted online loan platforms, as evidenced by its registration at the OJK (Financial Services Authority) and AFPI (the Indonesian Funding Fintech Association). The two institutions become financial institutions that guarantee the failure of a fintech in Indonesia. KreditPintar which is covered by PT. Kredit Indonesia, guaranteed to work in a professional and quality manner. Even though there are many customer doubts about borrowing money online, KreditPintar can guarantee your trust through the best service.


The process for obtaining a loan is also fast, you only need 10 minutes, you can already receive loans of up to 20 million rupiahs. By using Kredit Pintar, you will not go through a complicated and difficult registration process. Just download the app on the Google Store and follow the steps below.



  • Enter email along with the mobile number
  • Identity verification
  • Photo with KTP
  • Fill in personal data
  • Enter the bank account number
  • Fill in the loan nominal
  • The loan will be transferred to your account



Using KreditPintar can make your various transactions easier. You don’t need to worry about the interest that is given. You can get a low interest and a loan limit of up to 8 million rupiahs through the aplikasiKreditPintar. In terms of trust, customer trust is the main thing that is always put forward. The data that the customer provides will not be distributed without the customer’s knowledge. In addition to the convenience and trust that customers can get, various kinds of vouchers and discounts can also be obtained by customers when borrowing from KreditPintar. You can make the best use of the ease of getting a money loan (pinjaman uang). Don’t forget to obey to pay the loan according to the specified time so you don’t get a fine. Select a loan application that is registered and recognized by the authorized institution.

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