The Police Described Capitol Riots As ‘Medieval Battle’

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Image Credit – BBC


Police officers who have been targeted by the pro-Trump mob have revealed their stories of ‘medieval battle’ at the steps of the Capitol.

The police faced off against rioters inside the walls of American democracy last week. They were heavily equipped with shields, pitchforks, clubs, metal poles, and even firearms.

They stripped rods and poles from the seating set up for the next week’s inauguration.

A 40-year-old DC from the narcotics was greatly affected by the chemical irritants that the crowd sprayed on his face. Michael Fanone was told to wear his uniform and go to the West Terrace of the Capitol was found resting and rinsing his face.

The MPD veteran told the Washington Post, “We were battling 15,000 people. It looked like a medieval battle scene.” MPD stands for Metropolitan Police Department of District of Columbia.

The officer was grabbed by his collar and helmet and dragged down several steps. The crowd stripped the officers by their vest and collected his ammo, radio, and even his badge.

Some of them shouted, “We got one! We got one!”. They were chanting “Kill him with his own gun!”

MPD Officer Daniel Hodges told ABC News, “We were battling, you know, tooth and nail for our lives.”

The officer was pinned on the glass door and got beaten up with his own police Baton. One of the rioters tried to gouge his eyes. Mr. Hodges said that he thought, “This might be the end for me.”

He further explained the situation and said “I didn’t want to be the guy who starts shooting, because I knew they had guns – we had been seizing guns all day.”

Robert Glover, MPD Officer Christina Laury, Officer Eugene Goodman, and many others gave their best to stop the mob, risking their own lives and while being blinded by the bear mace.

Even after saving the congress from the raging mob with bravery, the police faced some criticism as well.

Some of the officers could be seen in the video footage who showed the path to the mob and even took a selfie inside. This is leading to a conspiracy that there might be some insiders who are helping the mob and their lunatic agenda.

Several Capitol police have been suspended immediately for violating the policies.  The agency has conducted an internal probe.