Innovative trading solutions provider Global FX Trading Group has announced a unique trading tool for novice and pro

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It incorporates the trading methods of its CEO, Jeff Wecker, a former member of the Chicago Board of Trade who has survived and prospered as a trader for over 25 years

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Chicago, Illinois Jan 20, 2021 ( – Its called Trade Detector and it is extremely sophisticated underneath, but very easy to use. Its indicators track overbought and oversold conditions, divergence, momentum, volume, fractals (rhythms in the market), support resistance, and trend. But all of those calculations are done in the background while the user only sees the green squared buy signals and red squared sell signals.  Simple.  Easy.  Effective.

This Trading System can run on MT4, MT5, and Trading View.  It works on all assets including stocks, stock indices, bonds, Bitcoin, all Commodities, and Fx. It answers the following questions for both the novice and experienced trader:


  • What is the lowest risk entry point for a particular trade…
  • What is the exact proper price and time to enter the trade at (if you don’t know this, your destiny is to be stopped out, lose money, and miss the move, all at the same time,)
  • When do I take partial profits, place stops on what I keep, and put myself into free trade,
  • How and where do I use trailing stops to guarantee profits; and at the same time stay in the trade if it continues in my direction.

Let’s look at a screenshot to see how this all comes together.  Weekly and daily charts will give the user longer-term trades and the same principles will give the user day trades on 5 and 15-minute charts.

Sample Chart

The above chart is a 5-minute chart, but all of the different time frames work the same.  The large red-colored square is a sell signal and the large blue/green square is a buy signal.  It’s that simple.  No matter what you are trading: Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, Stocks, Commodities, etc: the signals give you the time and price to enter the trade. And then finally, the same signals tell the user when to exit the trade.

The bottom line is that the software answers the major question for a trader/investor:  Where and when do I enter a trade?   That is 85% of the problem.  The other 15% being risk control, and trade and money management which Trade Detector handles as well.

Trade Detector comes with 24/7 support and free membership in a Trade Detector Users Group where specific trades and strategies are discussed 24/7 under the guidance of highly experienced moderators, all accomplished traders in their own right.

Beginning or professional traders can read more about it at    click on Trade Detector.


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