The foursome belonging to different background in different field are coming together with a production house

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- New Delhi, Jan 16, 2021 ( – The foursome belonging to different backgrounds in different field are coming together with a production house The Alchemist Entertainment, the main focus would be on up and coming artists – writers, musicians, directors and actors, and others through their production company.

The foursome of men is Prashant Gupta who is a founder and CEO of Alchemist Entertainment along with Rohit Joon an entrepreneur in the field of electric automobiles and food industry and a social worker as well, Sumit Coach and Tripur Singh, being involved in the industry with technical knowledge for over 18 years.

They have a team of writers and are listening to multiple scripts and are extremely choosy of the content. The plan was to launch the production house with multiple releases, however, the pandemic completely changed the course of their plan.

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Due to the pandemic, they are now looking for a light-hearted entertainer as people are getting out of the difficult situation and want to focus on making people smile, on a larger scale rather than being directed only towards the digital genre as stated by the representative of the production house.


Prashant Gupta belongs to the banking sector of having experience of over 20 years in finance & banking ALCHEMIST ENTERTAINMENT, the brainchild of Prashant Gupta and Rohit Joon, founder of  Alchemist Entertainment (in technical collaboration with Red Chillies Entertainment) producing web series, short films and was also one of the producers of the internationally acclaimed movie “loev” which is currently on Netflix and has been rated as one of the best LGBTQ movies from India. Therefore, providing a vision of different genre with a perspective of financial management.

Along with the Alchemist Entertainment, Rohit Joon has been an avid social worker, working with various NGOs over different social causes and an entrepreneur in the food industry and electric automobiles; director of Mozart Automobiles and founder of Jstore. Being a part of movies has been his passion, with a  motive of making the kind of movies that would bring out every emotion and help it to relate to their lives.

Tripur Singh who has been in the industry for over 18 years and was involved with one of the leading film studios The Indian Film Company/Studio 18 having released movies like Jab we met, Welcome, Ghajini, Singh is a king among others. Also have pioneered the Television Syndication Model for the sale of satellite rights in India and overseas markets. Being experienced in producing films like Omerta. Experienced in the technical field with a vision to run the production house.

 Another interesting dynamic to the foursome of men is Sumit Coach who hails from a political background and has been in the public eye, servicing for the welfare. He was always intrigued by the world of Bollywood, grabbing the opportunity wants to work from behind scenes with an agenda of highlighting social issues via Alchemist Entertainment.

Alchemist Entertainment would be coming up with a series of multiple movies within this year. They are already on the floor and are to be scheduled to be completed within 2-3 months; although the plan was to launch the house with a couple of movies last year due to pandemic there has been an inadvertent delay. Since the delay has given them more time, the house now boasts a setup with furthermore movies and series with a focus on engaging every person through their movies.

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