Sydney Is Extending The Restrictions To Prevent Outbreak In This Christmas

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Image Credit – BBC


Authorities of Sydney have decided to extend the COVID-19 restrictions in this last week of the year.

They are trying to curb the possibility of another outbreak through social gatherings on Christmas.

Australia’s largest city has come with some rules to be strictly followed. Only 10 adults will be allowed to visit their home in this festive season.

But the mental health of the children is also a matter of concern. So there is a slight relaxation for children on the period of 24th to 26th December. They can be added along with 10 adults.

The city has witnessed eight new cases on Wednesday. They are assuming that there could be the possibility of an outbreak if it is not restricted now.

The State Government of The New South Wales (NSW) said that there are a total of 98 cases found in the state capital.

More than 124,000 residents of the local area have been tested in the last 3 days.

With strict rules and regulations, there are no locally transmitted cases in other places in Australia. Almost no case has been reported other than a minute cold and cough.

The latest outbreak was found last week in the Northern Beaches region. It caused an immediate lockdown in the local area.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian said, “officials were still unable to trace how the virus got into the community so a lockdown will continue until Sunday.”

She said on Wednesday, “We want to make sure that there aren’t strains or lines of community transmission that we haven’t found yet.”

She further added that the southern part of the community will be allowed to have 10 visitors. However, the northern part will be allowed 5 visitors only due to the outbreak.

The residents of Sydney are asked to not visit the hospitals and nursing homes during Christmas. Also, mask-wearing in public places is encouraged.

The neighboring state Queensland turned downed 120 people who tried to cross the border during this phase. Western Australia has also banned all NSW residents.

Ms. Berejiklian criticized the neighbor states and called their action a “disproportionate” response.

She further added, “In NSW, not only are we cautious with our approach, but I think we assess the risk well and then make decisions according to that, unlike some of my other state colleagues who have taken what I think are overreaching actions.”

Australia is best known for its quick and swift response to the COVID-19 outbreak. The State Government has taken some great initiatives to influence contact-tracing and rapid testing.

The country has faced only 908 death cases 28,277 overall affected persons. This record is far lower than the countries which are globally affected.