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Los Angeles, Dec 18, 2020 ( – A patented software platform is now available that tracks and alerts consumers about their vehicles and their dealerships before the warranty expires. The app shares the information with their dealership to qualify the customer’s next purchase as well as building a stronger relationship. It should be noted that NO GPS devices are used or robocalls. 

Wayne Merry, the developer (founder background saw first hand working in a high-end auto dealership service department that consumers had a hard time remembering when their warranties would expire so he created the platform and patented it.

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The benefits are as follows;  
The dealership can sell or offer the app to buyers as an added value they both will benefit in the future. This patented platform/app has 4 winners. The first winner is the new car sales department as they sell a new car. Second, the used car department as they get a potential great used possible CPO auto for higher profit that has all services completed. Third, the service department gets sales because the customer wants to get the most of their warranty before expiration. Fourth, the customer is a happy camper and becomes more brand loyal. The dealership can set up a risk-free test program supplying the 3-5 year past clients so the company can begin to contact and mine for sales.

We actually have 2 cases (both Priuses) that were shown to save each consumer over $4000 with the Toyota auto company in service. The original Toyota brand warranty on Prius and Highlander HV was 10 years or 100,000 miles. They then extended it to 150,000 miles and five more years. The consumer’s actual savings was over $4000 (similar to other owners). In the app myhipsmart / app the consumer would get reminder alerts before falling out of warranty. The app also can hold actual documents for the vehicle as well as service records, their manual, recalls, and more. The consumers are very receptive to this program a lot more than the fake annoying warranty pitches they get!  Private branding of the app is available for all dealerships. Great for consumer sales as, coming off lease customers, well as Fleet sales. In addition, the app also holds any coupons and online offers for app users to save them in other categories like groceries, pharmacy items, travel, and more.

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