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Release date/11/20/2020  


Maurice Beats New album, 

Maurice Bomb Beats, On all 

Major Platforms, Youtube, AppleMusic, Spotify


Maurice Beats New Album, Maurice Bomb, is one of the best 

album i ever heard this year, very creative, the first track on the 

is called Dedicated, is dedicated to his long lost friend that Maurice Beats 

like, this Album was recorded back in 2018, Dream Maurice Beats was talking 

about a girl he liked in high school, like showtyme is a  reference to how he would like for his girl to dance on him, i think Maurice Bomb Beats was to a young lady he really like, i don’t think he will never tell, it sound like he was talking to one particular woman on this album but we will never know, i feel the showtyme song was dedicated to a stripper that he likes, it sound like he want to wife up one particular stripper we would never know would we!!!

Maurice Beats pored out his feelings on this Album, if you don’t believe me go listen to the album, it on youtube Spotify, AppleMusic,  i believe it was 5 track that didn’t make the album and one of them was called, jasmine it was token off the album on Maurice Beats Request, Maurice Beats the best producer in the music industry in this generation, UK girl is dedicated to a singer in the game, we will let Maurice Beats tell us that !!! i guess, Maurice Bomb Beats great album, it’s the modern day G Funk in this generation,Maurice Beats did a good job mixing and recoding the vocals very well, All song’s stayed on topic one of my Favorite Album today to be honest, this album could sale honestly, sale about the world 50,000000, it’s a album everyone could play around the world and enjoy, everyone enjoy good music, you will be able to also get this album on Vinyl and CD, I don’t know about you but i will be getting my Vinyl and cdi love this album the more i listen the more i love,  


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