Joshua Block: A TikTok Star with Personality

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Joshua Block

(Spin Digit Editorial):- Brookhaven, Dec 1, 2020 ( – Joshua Block is a growing variety content creator with over 660,000 followers on his @worldoftshirts TikTok page. He is best known for Lip Syncing, Dancing, Vlogging, and Reviewing Different Foods and Drinks. He posts frequently posts videos of his Starbucks Trips. He has been on TikTok since July 2019. Joshua’s Fame began in October 2019 when he ate cooked and seasoned crickets and said Exotic Food Check in the video. Soon after that viral sensation more and more of his TikToks went viral and his followers kept growing and growing. In February 2020 Joshua had amassed over 100,000 Followers. He was not only growing by the thousands but now by the 100,000s. In July with over 400,000 followers at the time he secured a brand deal from a company which is not being identified in this article. In September Joshua got accepted into TikTok’s Creator Fund which pays creators to post on TikTok. Not only is TikTok a hobby to Joshua but its now a source of income. With fame comes reward and to Joshua some of the hate he gets does not outweigh the reward and respect that he receives. At the time of this article Joshua Block currently ranks 10,999 on Joshua is an experienced TikTok Star devoted to creating amazing content and entertaining fans. He continues to grow his following to this day. Joshua Block Famous BirthdaysWorldoftshirts TikTok Account

Joshua BlockJoshua Block Famous Birthdays

Source :Worldoftshirts (Joshua Block) on TikTok

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