Hello Miss American Pie: Sluurpy lands in the USA

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After 7 years of activity, the restaurant website has became one of the most popular Italian website dedicated to food lovers: now Sluurpy is going to expand in the States

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- New York City, Dec 1, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – A new restaurant website coming from Italy is expanding worldwide. With 2,5 millions users per month and 4 millions restaurants enlisted, it is aiming to deliver tasty and delicious information about the foods of all over the world. The name of the website? Sluurpy.

Next Sluurpy’s challenge is to provide the same services the United States with a complete Social Network vertical for food lovers: from digital menus, photos of restaurants, the possibility to scroll a feed with the suggestion of closest restaurants in the nearby of the users, and more. So far, Sluurpy has collected in the United States more than 750.000 digital menus and as many restaurants, with a collection of more than 1,7 millions photos of dishes.

Sluurpy‘s core competence and uniqueness is represented in the digitalization of menus and this simple but effective activity is becoming always more popular among digital users. In Sluurpy, the so-called “Fuudies” can choose and select among millions of restaurants, browsing the official menus, photos, and clicking the telephone numbers, all combined in one single search engine.

The idea behind Sluurpy came in 2013 to the founder of the site, Simone Giovannini, who in search of a pizza take away, found himself running out of paper flyers and telephone numbers to contact. Thus, began the physical collection of menus, brochures, and flyers, to be cataloged and digitized to always have the right number according to the taste of the moment. Operation is simple and intuitive. You can choose the name of the restaurant or the city. Then what you want to eat: first courses, pizza, hamburgers, salads and so on. You get to the list of restaurants and, by clicking, the menu and prices appear, so that you can avoid to last-minute surprises when the receipt to pay arrives. For each restaurant there is also here an evaluation, the so-called “Sluurpometro“, but the vote is not the sum of the opinions given by users, but an algorithm that calculates the level of appreciation, retrieving the information on the web, between review sites, social networks, and food guides.

“Thanks to this and other features, Sluurpy works to become in the United States the reference point for restaurant choice. – concludes Giovannini, CEO of Sluurpy Srl – The commitment of the company is to provide the users with objective and transparent tools in order to make them aware and well informed about their delicious daily choices.”

However, Sluurpy is not just expanding in the Yankee’s country: the digital “square court” is widening among millions of restaurants placed in than 67 countries.

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